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Some betting companies put all their eggs in one basket, and focus exclusively on a single sportsbook. Others take a much different approach, and spread their attention across multiple brands. ProgressPlay very much falls into the second camp, and has been extremely aggressive in its expansion in recent years. King J – our focus for this review – is one of the latest examples. 

In this King J review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the mobile features for ProgressPlay’s latest brand. We’ll cover the betting markets, special features, customer service and more, and – ultimately – evaluate whether this betting app is worth your time. 

King J New Sign Up Offer 

Like all unknown betting brands, King J is naturally eager to gain new customers. In an effort to do so, they have followed the tried-and-tested strategy of providing punters who sign up with a special welcome offer. 

The King J sign up offer takes the form of the classic ‘Bet X, Get Y’ betting sign up offer. As always, you must place a qualifying wager, while meeting certain conditions, and – if you do so successfully – you’ll be rewarded with a free bet. In this case, the deal is ‘Bet £10, Get £10’, meaning you must stake at least £10, and will receive a £10 bonus in return. 

At first glance, this would seem to be a respectable deal. As always, however, we must investigate the terms and conditions before making a final judgement. These are the main ones to be aware of:

This isn’t exactly the most spectacular welcome offer in the world, but it’s still worth triggering. Anything providing a return of 1:1 or over is acceptable in our eyes, and this ‘Bet £10, Get £10’ deal meets that standard. While there is a rollover requirement in place, it is kept nice and low at 1x your bonus amount, and the minimum odds of 1/2 are fair. 

King J sign up offer

King J Mobile App

 On-the-go betting has become increasingly popular over the years, to the point that – nowadays – it is the preferred method for many punters. That’s why most modern brands prioritise their mobile features, but – unfortunately – King J didn’t seem to get the memo here. 

At the time of writing, there is no King K mobile app whatsoever available. This is the case for iOS and Android users, and for both the sportsbook and casino sections. While this is standard practice for ProgressPlay, and doesn’t seem to have held the company back, it is still a little frustrating. 

Regardless, in the absence of an actual app, you’ll be relying on the mobile version of the main King J website instead. In fairness, this is actually a solid substitute. It certainly doesn’t look spectacular, visually, but this is a textbook case of substance over style. The interface – while hardly revolutionary – has still been adapted well for smaller screen sizes. Smart use is made of both collapsable and scrolling menus to help you navigate the entire platform with ease, while the size and style of the font makes it easy to read text and odds. 

Functionally, the King J mobile website also works pretty well. Again, it’s hardly the fastest such site we’ve used, but we didn’t suffer any significant slowdowns or lagging, nor did we experience any crashes whatsoever.

Other King J Apps

In addition to the sportsbook, King J also has a fully-featured online casino. As noted, however, no mobile apps have been provided for this either. As such, you will once again be reliant on using the mobile version of the main website in order to play the casino games. 

This mobile casino generally possesses the same strengths and weaknesses as the sportsbook. While a little dull visually, the interface is still user-friendly, and the performance levels are kept acceptably high. 

Advantages of King J Betting App

The King J mobile site isn’t perfect by any means, as we’ll see later. It does certainly have plenty of things going for it though, which – in turn – should attract new customers. Here are some of the biggest ways in which King J impresses. 

Intuitive Interface

The King J user interface isn’t exactly revolutionary, but experienced punters – quite frankly – won’t care. In fact, it’s generally preferable to find a UI which is similar to those you’ve used plenty of times before, since you’ll be able to get up to speed significantly faster. 

That’s exactly what you’ll find on the King J mobile site. It’s not visually memorable or structurally ambitious, but – most importantly of all – it is simply highly usable. Every key section is located exactly where it should be, browsing all your betting opportunities is a cinch, and – overall – you’ll have no problem navigating this sportsbook from the very first time you log on. 

Range of Betting Opportunities

We’ll investigate the full range of King J betting markets shortly. For now though, simply know that this is incredibly impressive, and is easily one of King J’s biggest strengths. 

The selection of betting opportunities on this app is genuinely a match for those you’ll find provided by much bigger and more famous brands. These number well into the thousands, with excellent coverage of popular and more niche sports alike. Better yet, they are spread nicely across pre-match, in-play, and outright wagers, giving you plenty of flexibility in exactly how you want to wager. 

Choice of Payment Methods

This is one area in which the bigger betting apps tend to dominate the smaller ones. We’re pleased to say that this is certainly not the case on King J. 

Rather, you will find all of the main options that you’d expect from a top-notch betting site in place here, including debit cards, eWallets, and prepaid cards. King J goes above and beyond here though, by providing more eWallets than you’d normally find, and processing your deposits nice and quickly. 

Quality of Prices

Going with a smaller brand, rather than one of the usual suspects, can actually come with a whole range of benefits. Many of these come from the brand’s extra desire to attract new users, and build up its customer base. 

One of the main ways in which this is done is by providing unusually high prices, and we’re pleased to say that King J has also employed this tactic. While the odds here aren’t the most spectacular in the world, they’re still generally kept nice and high. The pre-match betting margins are usually above average, while those you’re offered in-play tend to provide a fair reflection of the current state of play. 

Impressive Customer Service

Here, we find another common advantage of going with a smaller brand. You might think that picking a bigger bookie would guarantee you superior customer service. In reality, however, smaller brands often provide more personalised care for their users, and – since they have fewer people to help – quicker responses too. 

Once again, this is indeed the case with the King J mobile site. You won’t just find all the most important customer service options provided here, including live chat. You’ll also typically receive speedy, friendly, and ultimately helpful support with whatever problems you have on the platform. 

King J Betting Features

In the previous section of this review, we mentioned several areas in which it’s actually preferable to go with a smaller brand over a bigger one. Let’s not beat around the bush, though – there are also plenty of benefits to going with a proven, big-time betting app instead, with a greater number of special features being one major example 

As for King J specifically, it’s fair to say that this is hardly a ‘feature-packed’ betting app. The cupboard definitely isn’t bare here though, with these being a few of the most useful features you can use. 

In-Play Bet Placement

The days of being limited to pre-match wagers are long gone. Nowadays, plenty of punters prefer the more immediate betting opportunities which in-play affords. 

If you fall into this category, you’ll be well-served on the King J betting app. The in-play section is sizable, and provides you with a constant stream of new, live opportunities. Just as importantly though, the in-play tool itself works extremely well. Placing a live wager is very quick and easy to do, and the responsiveness of the tool means you’ll usually be able to lock in the odds you want. 

Cash Out Tool

Actually placing in-play wagers is only half the story when it comes to live betting, of course. A high quality cash out tool is also crucial, and can allow you to either bail on a bet that’s going bad, or lock in some early profit on a wager that’s trending in the right direction.

We were also very impressed by the quality of the King J cash out tool. Again, its responsive nature is key here, with your cash outs generally being processed very quickly indeed. The prices you’re offered also update with pleasing regularity, in response to the latest goings-on in the matchup itself. 

Help With Your Live Betting

Live streaming is generally reserved for the biggest betting apps, and – unfortunately – this feature is completely absent on King J. 

With that said, you’re still given access to a visualisation tool which is actually one of the better ones we’ve seen. Its clean, simplified graphics, and the regularity with which it updates, combine to give you a good idea of how a matchup is going. This is further aided by the inclusion of live statistics, which are available for all major sports. 

Leaderboard-Based Competitions

Generally speaking, sports betting is a solitary affair. You’re basically betting against the bookie, and – to a lesser extent – your own track record. 

King J breaks this trend with an innovative and intriguing promotion, called ‘Wager Wars’. We’ll get into the details of this shortly. For now, simply know that it makes sports betting a far more competitive affair, encouraging you to duke it out against all the other eligible punters using the King J app. 

Same Game Multiple ‘Bet Builder’

Creating same-game multiples can be frustrating. It’s often unclear which bet types are eligible to be combined, and – even if they can be – what your odds for that wager might be. 

This doesn’t need to be a worry on the King J mobile site, thanks to an excellent bet builder tool. Seeing which markets are eligible to be combined could hardly be simpler, with these being clearly marked by a ‘chain’ icon. The odds update constantly as you add and remove selections, and – once you’re happy with your wager – you can lock it in easily within the betslip. 

King J Markets

King J isn’t a perfect betting app by any means, and we’ve already touched upon a couple of the areas in which it’s found wanting. This certainly isn’t one of them, however. Rather, the selection of betting markets is absolutely outstanding, and is genuinely competitive with what you’d be offered on any premium, proven mobile betting app. 

There are well over 20 distinct sports to wager on here, representing a whopping 3,000 or so individual betting opportunities at the time of writing. These include a healthy mix of the biggest sports and less-heralded markets, meaning that – whatever your personal betting tastes – you’ll almost certainly be catered-for here. 

With all that said, let’s take a closer look at how the King J mobile site stacks up when it comes to several of the most important sports of all, before getting a more general overview of its other betting markets. 


This is the biggest online betting market in the UK by a distance, so it’s no surprise at all to see that King J has prioritised it on their mobile app. Football has the most individual markets by far, with over 1,100 available at the time of writing. For reference, basketball has the second-most, with 200 or so. 

As you can tell by the sheer volume of betting opportunities, the football coverage on King J is absolutely fantastic. Every top competition is covered, as you’d expect, from the Champions League and Europa League, to the Premier League, FA Cup, and so on. Plenty of attention is also devoted to lower-league football though, and that for younger age groups. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that it’s not just the breadth of football betting markets which impresses on King J, but the depth too. You’re given a fantastic amount of choice in the bet types you can place, ranging from old favourites like Match Result and Over/Under Goals, to player props, team props, and long-term outright wagers. 

Horse Racing

Due to licensing difficulties, it’s not always a given that you’ll find horse racing markets available on non-premium betting apps. Fortunately though, King J has overcome this hurdle, and does indeed let you wager on the ‘sport of kings’.

Admittedly, the coverage is limited here, with only courses in the USA being available to wager on. Obviously though, this is better than nothing, and still equates to dozens of betting opportunities each and every day. Pleasingly, you’re also given the opportunity to place Forecast wagers, rather than just being limited to Race Winner and Each Ways.  


eSports is one of the fastest-growing betting markets around, and betting apps which underrate it do so at their peril. King J certainly hasn’t made this mistake, instead providing one of the more impressive eSports sections we’ve seen. 

This includes all the biggest titles, as you’d expect, such as LoL, CS:GO, and Dota 2. You can also place bets on the likes of Call of Duty and Valorant too though, with matchups invariably covered both pre-match and in-play. 


In addition to those listed above, the King J mobile app provides you with betting opportunities on some 20+ further sports. 

In terms of sheer number of betting markets, its biggest focuses appear to be tennis, basketball, ice hockey, MMA, and table tennis, each of which has over 100 matchups available to bet on pre-match at the time of writing. 

King J certainly goes above and beyond these markets though. Old British favourites like golf, cricket, and rugby are also included, as are the likes of boxing, motorsports, darts, and much more. 

King J Ongoing Promotions

If you’ve used ProgressPlay betting apps before, you’ll probably know what to expect from the promotions on King J. If not, we can sum it up easily for you – it seems like there are plenty of offers in place, but – in reality – they’re almost all the same. 

Head to the King J promotions page on your mobile device, and you’ll see a whopping 15 options posted there, including the welcome offer. 

Look more closely, and you’ll immediately see that six of these entries aren’t promotions at all – they’re simply pages telling you that King J have certain markets in place, like table tennis and horse racing. Of the eight remaining pages, six of them are variations on the exact same deal. 

Add all this together, and – ultimately – there are only really three different ongoing promotions here. Let’s take a closer look at each of this trio in turn.

Cashback Offers

This is the most common type of offer on King J, with six of the eight genuine ongoing promotions being variations on this deal. Specifically, the offer is in place for rugby, cricket, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, and – thankfully – football. 

Each of these deals works in essentially the same way. You must make a deposit using a certain promo code to trigger it (e.g. ‘THROW’ for the football offer). After that, you will get 10% of your losses on that particular sport refunded to you, up to a generous total of £500. That already sounds pretty attractive, and – better still – there are no wagering requirements whatsoever on your rebates. 

Time-Limited Deals

Like many bookies, King J has taken the smart decision to provide shorter-term promotions which capitalise on popular events. This may typically include major football competitions and horse racing festivals, or – as at the time of writing – St. Patrick’s Day. 

This St. Patrick’s Day deal shows that King J does have the capacity to create fresh and intriguing offers. It essentially consists of four different ‘Bet X, Get Y’ deals for each day of the long weekend, with the sizes ranging from Bet £10, Get £5 all the way up to Bet £25, Get £25. Since free bet offers are relatively rare for existing customers generally, this is certainly an eye-catching deal. 

‘Wager Wars’ Leaderboard

While we touched upon this deal earlier in our King J review, it’s time to look at it in more detail. That’s because – like the current St. Patrick’s Day promotion – it shows ProgressPlay’s flair for innovation when it comes to creating intriguing special offers. 

To join the Wager Wars leaderboard, you must make a deposit of at least £10 using the code ‘FLAT’. After that, you simply start betting on sports. Once you’ve bet at least £50, you’ll qualify for the leaderboard. If you rank among the five most successful bettors on the entire King J app, you will then receive a cash prize. This will start at £150 for the overall winner, but even the fifth-placed punter will still get £50. 

King J Deposit Options and Banking

While ProgressPlay mobile sites do tend to have certain drawbacks (including a lack of variety in their promotions), they also typically share plenty of strengths. These invariably include the range of payment methods, and we’re happy to say this is indeed the case with the King J too. 

Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro debit cards are all deposit options here, as you’d expect, and you can make bank transfers by using Trustly. King J also caters for fans of eWallets too though, letting you use the likes of PayPal and ecoPayz to make payments, and you’re even given the choice of using a prepaid card, courtesy of Paysafe. The minimum deposit amount is either £10 or £20, depending on your chosen method, and all deposits are processed instantly. 

Unfortunately, things get a little less appealing when we look at King J’s withdrawals. The same choices are available to you when it comes to making a withdrawal, with the usual exception of Paysafecard. The problem, however, is that you will be charged a flat fee of £2.50 for making a withdrawal, whichever method you pick, which is basically unheard-of among modern-day sportsbooks. The inclusion of a one day ‘processing’ period, before your withdrawal even begins to go through, also means that payouts here are relatively slow compared to the competition. 

King J Deposit Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Limits (£)
Visa/Mastercard 0% Instant £10
PayPal 0% Instant £10
PayviaPhone 15% Instant £10
Paysafecard 0% Instant £10
Trustly (Bank Transfer) 0% Instant £20
MuchBetter 0% Instant £20
EcoPayz 0% Instant £20

King J Withdrawal Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Min. Withdrawal (£)
Visa/Mastercard £2.50 3-7 days £10
PayPal £2.50 3-7 days £10
Trustly (Bank Transfer) £2.50 3 days £50
EcoPayz £2.50 3 days £20
Neteller £2.50 2 days £10

Customer Support

ProgressPlay betting apps tend to have their strengths, as well as their shortcomings, and customer service is usually one of them. We’re happy to say this is indeed the case on King J too, with the support you’re given on this mobile site. 

Most importantly of all, live chat is an option. Not only that, but getting in touch is extremely easy. You simply tap the ‘Support’ button, then scroll down until you find the ‘Chat With Us’ option. Not only that, but the live chat is actually available 24/7, meaning you’re never hung out to dry when you encounter an issue. We sent multiple test enquiries as part of our research for this King J review, and found the responses to not only be speedy, but friendly and helpful too. 

If your enquiry isn’t urgent, you have two further options. You can send an email, or simply check the FAQ section. The latter is also easy to access, and the excellent search function helps you find what you’re looking for extremely quickly. The entries themselves tackle a good range of areas, and are written in a concise and informative manner. 

Security and Safety

When you’re using a new mobile betting site, you naturally want to be sure that both your personal data and money are being protected. That’s particularly true on a brand you probably won’t have heard of before, like King J. 

Pleasingly, King J actually provides a good amount of information regarding its security measures. 128-bit SSL encryption is in place, and protects all transmissions of sensitive information. Elsewhere, powerful firewalls are used to safeguard your information on King J’s servers, payments are handled by respected, internationally-recognised third-party companies, and there are also anti-fraud checks in place. 

About King J

King J is an extremely new brand, having only been launched in 2021. As such, there isn’t a lot of information available about it yet, nor does it have much of a track record. 

Don’t be fooled, however – in reality, there’s plenty of experience behind this betting app, which comes courtesy of its parent company, ProgressPlay. ProgressPlay was established back in 2012, and built up a great reputation providing white-label betting platforms for clients. Finally, a few years back, it took the plunge and started to craft its own sportsbooks and online casinos, with King J being just one of the latest examples. 

Crucially, ProgressPlay has managed to secure a license for King J with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The UKGC is one of the most prestigious regulatory bodies in the betting industry, and ensures King J is held to the highest standards for security and fairness. Finally, ProgressPlay – like its parent company – is headquartered in Malta, and also holds a license with the Gaming Authority there. 

Bottom Line

The tagline for King J is that ‘everyone is treated like royalty’. That’s a pretty bold claim, and we certainly wouldn’t go that far in our own evaluation. After all, while some areas do impress, there are other parts of King J’s offering which could definitely be improved. 

Chief among these, obviously, would be the development of an actual betting app. The mobile site isn’t bad, by any means, but mobile apps tend to be both faster and more convenient to use. We’d also like to see the annoying withdrawal fee removed, and for these payouts to be processed a lot more quickly. 

With all that said, this is still a highly respectable effort. The range of betting markets is absolutely enormous, and compares favourably to those you’ll find on much bigger, older, and more famous platforms. The selection of payment options is also good, covering all of the major bases, and – while we’d like to see more variety in the ongoing promotions – those which are in place do a nice job of rewarding existing customers for their loyalty. 

In all, while King J definitely has room to grow, it’s already in a good enough place to be worth checking out. At the very least, we’d recommend creating an account, triggering the ‘Bet £10, Get £10’ welcome offer, using your free bet, and taking things from there. 


What is King J?

King J is a new betting brand, having only launched in 2021. There’s plenty of experience behind it though, courtesy of veteran developers ProgressPlay.

Is there a King J app available?

No. At the time of writing, there is no downloadable King J betting app, for either iOS or Android users. Instead, you will need to use the mobile version of the main website. 

What sports can I bet on with King J?

Plenty. There are well over 20 different options here, including football, horse racing, tennis, eSports, golf, and a whole lot more besides. 

Is King J legit?

Yes. Despite being a new brand, it is definitely legitimate, having secured licenses with both the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. 

What payment methods can I use?

All the major bases are covered. You can use debit cards, bank transfers, eWallets, and prepaid cards to make payments here.

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