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For the most part, the busy sports betting landscape in the UK is made up of very similar brands. The vast majority of these bookies offer very ‘samey’ platforms. 

In this context, FanTeam is a breath of fresh air, blending both sports betting and fantasy sports together. This isn’t a brand new strategy, with the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings having taken the same approach, but it’s still unusual. 

In this comprehensive FanTeam review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the actual quality of this brand’s app. En route, we’ll cover its special offers, betting markets, fantasy games, usability, and a whole lot more besides. 

FanTeam New Sign Up Offer 

Strangely, it seems as if FanTeam wants to hide its welcome offer from view. There is one in place, but – for some reason – it is hidden away in the ‘Support’ section with their other promotions. 

Regardless, FanTeam does provide a sign up deal for new customers. It’s a classic ‘deposit match’ promotion, in which – if you deposit between £10 and £20 – FanTeam will match your deposit in the form of a free bet. 

On the surface, this seems like a pretty straightforward deal. It’s always necessary to check the T&Cs anyway, of course, and these are the most important here:

Of all these terms and conditions, the most important relate to the rollover requirement. This is a common factor on deposit match deals, and means that you must bet through your deposit amount a certain number of times before actually withdrawing any bonus winnings. 

In this case, the minimum odds for the rollover are fair. The fact that you must bet through £30 simply to claim your £10 bonus, however – if you stick to the minimum amounts – may still annoy some punters. Overall therefore, while this is a decent welcome offer, it certainly isn’t one of the better ones out there. 

FanTeam Mobile App

Mobile use is enormously popular for both sports betting and playing fantasy sports. As such, you’d expect FanTeam to have made its mobile features a clear priority. 

This does indeed seem to be the case, with an advert for its mobile app being the first thing you see when logging on to the desktop site. Actually download and start to use that app, and you’ll see pretty quickly that plenty of work has gone into it. 

Unfortunately though, the FanTeam mobile app is currently only available on iOS. This is pretty bizarre, since FanTeam isn’t a new brand by any means, having been around since 2015. We’d hope this issue is resolved sooner rather than later, but – in the meantime – Android users will be forced to use the mobile website instead. 

That’s a shame, because the FanTeam iOS mobile app is absolutely fantastic. The green-and-grey colour scheme immediately makes you think of Bet365’s outstanding app, and looks cool and modern. All of the graphics, writing, and numbers (for odds and fantasy scores) are extremely clear, even on a smaller screen size. 

Special mention must also be made of the navigation that FanTeam has put in place, which makes moving around the app a breeze from the first time you use it. A menu at the bottom of your screen helps you switch between the different sections, while you can use a series of ‘Filters’ at the top to instantly narrow down any betting markets you find by sport. 

Finally, we were also impressed by the performance levels on show here. Pages on the app loaded quickly and smoothly, on both WiFi and mobile data connections, including those with plenty of graphics. We also experienced no significant crashes whatsoever, and annoying lagging was kept to a minimum. 

If you do have an Android device, then – while the app is certainly better – you’ll still find a solid mobile site in place. The navigation here is also respectably intuitive, but the performance levels do drop a little.  

Advantages of FanTeam Betting App

No brand is perfect, and naturally this applies to FanTeam too, but – in general – we really liked what we found when using its mobile app. A few different factors contributed to this positive experience, with these being several of the biggest advantages according to our experiences. 

User-Friendly Nature

We already touched on this in the previous sections, but it bears repeating* – the FanTeam mobile app really is incredibly user-friendly. 

The interface has been designed in an extremely intuitive manner. This means that you’ll be able to effortlessly navigate between all the most important sections from the very first time you use it. Visually it looks great too, with high quality graphics and clear, easy-to-read writing and odds. In short, it is a textbook case of how to create a modern, user-friendly mobile interface right now. 

Responsive In-Play Betting

While we’ll generally focus on the fantasy betting features throughout this FanTeam mobile app review, the regular sportsbook section also deserves a mention. While the regular, pre-match betting is handled well, it’s the in-play betting tools which particularly impressed us. 

You won’t find the widest range of live matchups here, but those which are in place are covered very well. There’s a good amount of variety in the live bet types you can use, and the odds provide a fair reflection of all the latest goings-on. Crucially, the live betting tool itself is highly responsive, meaning that – when you do find some in-play odds that you like – you’ll be able to grab them before they disappear. 

Good Choice of Payment Methods

It’s crucial that a betting app provides the vast majority of its customers with at least one, if not multiple payment options. These must go beyond the traditional methods, seeing that a number of modern punters are unwilling nowadays to share their debit card information. 

FanTeam does a good job of providing you with a few different alternatives here. Specifically they focus on eWallets, like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill, which offer a faster, more user-friendly approach than using debit card or bank transfer. Alternatively, you can use a prepaid card like Paysafecard, which saves you from having to enter your banking details entirely. 

Social Focus

A growing number of sportsbooks are realising that punters don’t always want to bet alone any more. Instead, this hobby can be a whole lot more fun when it’s done alongside other people. 

We’re pleased to say that FanTeam have seen this trend, and made sure to implement their own social features. At the time of writing, this includes not just an active Twitter account, but – more importantly – a thriving Discord server too. This usually sees at least a few hundred FanTeam users online at a time, and you can use this feature – straight from your mobile device – to discuss sports betting opportunities, dish out or receive daily fantasy advice, and so on. 

Private and Public Options

We’ll get into the specifics of FanTeam’s fantasy betting features in the next section. For now though, we want to highlight one of our favourite things about this area of the mobile app. 

With FanTeam, you’re given the choice whether to compete against the public, or against your friends. The size of the rewards is bigger in the former case, but – since more people will be involved – the challenge is also greater. If you’d prefer a more intimate experience, you can simply create private contests for your friends. This is extremely easy to do, and there are plenty of ways in which you can tailor these competitions to your liking. 

FanTeam Betting Features

Regular sports betting is not necessarily the main focus on the FanTeam mobile app. As such, some of the features you’d normally hope to find on a regular sportsbook – such as live streaming, or a bet builder – aren’t provided here. 

The good news is that FanTeam more than makes up for this when it comes to other special features, which you wouldn’t find on the vast majority of other apps. Below, you can see several great examples of what we mean. 

Daily Fantasy Contests

The popularity of daily fantasy has risen dramatically in recent years. That has largely been driven by FanDuel and DraftKings, but FanTeam have also capitalised on this trend. 

With regular fantasy sports (like Fantasy Premier League), you pick a team and largely stick with it for an entire season. In daily fantasy, you’re picking new teams constantly. If you’re a football fan, for example, you might want to choose a whole fresh side for every weekend of Premier League action. 

The FanTeam mobile app lets you do this, while also trying to win money. ‘Daily fantasy’ is basically half regular fantasy, half betting. You pick your side first, then enter a real-money contest. You’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to the stake size and scoring rules of these contests. Overall though, your aim is to accumulate as many fantasy points as possible, and claim a share of the cash rewards. 

Fantasy Tournaments

Now that you’ve got a good overview of how daily fantasy works on FanTeam, we can get into the specifics of how exactly you get involved via the mobile app. 

Head to the ‘Games’ section of the mobile app, then ‘Fantasy’, and you’ll see the tournaments which are currently available. The amount of choice you’ll find there is simply fantastic. At the time of writing, there are over 60 different official tournaments which you can join. The buy-in amounts start at only £1.50, but the potential prizes on offer increase as you get to higher-stakes games. At the top end, you can win almost £2,000 by competing in a £15 buy-in tournament. 

It’s not just the variety of the money involved which impresses, however, but the amount of choice you get in other areas too. Tournaments are not just limited to football, with the likes of basketball, volleyball, and eSports all being covered too. Different tournaments also have different budget sizes when constructing your squad, and a few other rules also vary between contests. Add all that together, and the sheer amount of variety on offer here is simply astounding. 

Player Matchups

The bulk of FanTeam’s attention has clearly gone to the regular Daily Fantasy tournaments, as covered above. ‘Matchups’, however, represents a fascinating alternative. 

In this form of betting, you are given two players to choose between, and must pick the one who will score more fantasy points (awarded for playing time, assists, goals, and so on). They might not even be playing in the same game – they just need to be competing within the same fantasy ‘gameweek’. Set a stake when you make your pick here, and – if your prediction is correct – you’ll make money. 

Competitive Leaderboards 

This is the third and final of the ways in which FanTeam lets you bet on fantasy sports. ‘Leaderboards’ are a slightly longer-term alternative to daily fantasy, which often cover a couple of weeks in the real world. 

You will actually be entered into these automatically, if you choose to compete in official fantasy contests. The more points you accumulate in your competitions, the higher you’ll rise in the leaderboard. If you manage to finish in one of the top few spots, you’ll win prizes when that period comes to an end, which might include free bets, simple cash, or free entry into a tournament.

Help Centre

Daily fantasy might seem confusing at first, especially if you’re not experienced in regular fantasy sports. On the FanTeam app, however, you’re given a huge amount of support as you get going. 

Every aspect of the platform is explained extremely clearly, whether on competition pages, or within the actual ‘How to Play’ and ‘Support’ areas. As such, even if you’re a complete newcomer to fantasy or sports betting in general, you’ll be able to get up-and-running here in no time. 

FanTeam Markets

While FanTeam does indeed have a sportsbook section, this is not the main focus. Instead, fantasy sports are a clear priority. As such, we couldn’t be too disappointed at the relative lack of markets within the sports betting area, with only a handful of sports being covered at the time of writing. 

Head over to the fantasy section instead, and – although this number does increase – you’ll still hardly be overwhelmed by your options, with only 10 different choices. Again though, we wouldn’t criticise FanTeam too much for this. After all, in daily fantasy you’re competing against other users, rather than betting against the sportsbook. As such, there’s no point in providing games on less popular sports, which most people simply won’t be interested in. 

With all that said, let’s see how FanTeam stacks up in several of the biggest sports markets, in terms of both its sportsbook and fantasy offerings. 


As a UK-focused app, it’s no surprise to see that football is the clear focus on FanTeam. Of the 300+ betting opportunities available within the sportsbook section, at the time of writing, all but 20 were for football. 

The coverage here was actually surprisingly good. While it obviously can’t compete with that on the biggest betting apps, we were still fairly impressed. It’s not just the biggest competitions which are represented here – like the Premier League and Champions League – but also less-heralded leagues and cups too, across Asia, Europe, and South America. 

Football is also the priority in the daily fantasy section, with the vast majority of contests being dedicated to the beautiful game. Again, we were impressed with the variety here, with competitions from all around the world being covered. 


Basketball is another sport which enjoys relatively good coverage on the FanTeam sportsbook. Naturally the NBA sees the most action, as you’d expect, and you can place both Match Outcome and Handicap wagers on all matchups. We were also pleased to see outright options, which let you pick the overall winner for the season. 

Basketball is also well-covered within the daily fantasy section. There were some 90 different contests which users could join at the time of writing, split into 10 official tournaments and 80 smaller leagues. Pleasingly, these weren’t just limited to the NBA, with several Euroleague competitions also being run. 


Like daily fantasy, the popularity of eSports has simply exploded in recent years. As such, it’s no surprise that FanTeam has mixed the two together in style. You can enter fantasy contests here on a whole range of different video games, including CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2, with thousands of pounds being dished out to the overall winners. 

FanTeam also offers an impressive level of variety in its eSports markets within the sportsbook area. You’ll find dozens of individual betting opportunities for a single CS:GO matchup here, with the possibility to bet either on a whole matchup or map-by-map. 


Backing up the markets listed above, FanTeam lets you wager on a decent selection of other sports, with most of these available in both the sportsbook and daily fantasy areas. Golf is particularly well-covered, with close to 100 fantasy contests running at the time of writing. Also represented are the likes of hockey, motorsports, the NFL, and more. 

FanTeam Ongoing Promotions

With most betting apps, the promotions are placed front-and-centre, as a way to help lure in new customers. As mentioned earlier, however, FanTeam doesn’t have a regular ‘Promotions’ tab on the homepage of its app*. Instead, this is hidden within the ‘Support’ section (i.e. the Help Centre). 

This isn’t a great look, as it implies that the FanTeam ongoing promotions aren’t anything worth shouting about. In reality, the deals which are in place are actually solid. The problem is that there are only three of them, which certainly isn’t impressive by modern standards. 

Refer a Friend

Here, we find FanTeam’s take on one of the most popular promotion types around – the classic ‘Refer a Friend’ deal. Like all such offers, this revolves around you – as an existing customer – getting friends of yours to also sign up and play. 

In this case, if your mate registers using your referral link, then plays in at least one fantasy tournament with a stake of £20 or more, you’ll get your reward. This will be a ticket of matching value, giving you entry into another big fantasy tournament. Better still, there is no limit to the number of friends you can invite – and the number of entry tickets you can gain – in this way.

Reload Bonus

‘Reload’ offers work similarly to deposit match deals, giving you an extra bonus when you make a payment. The difference is that they can be triggered repeatedly by existing customers, rather than one-time only by newcomers. 

With the FanTeam Reload deal, you can get a 50% bonus on your deposits, up to a generous maximum amount of £50. Unfortunately though, there is also a 5x rollover requirement for that bonus. 

Technically, the most recent Reload bonus had just expired at the time of writing. These tend to be pretty frequent on FanTeam though, so – if you’re already an existing customer – you should definitely keep an eye out for future versions. 

Early Bird Offer

With its daily fantasy focus, it’s no surprise to see that there are very few ways to claim a free bet for the sportsbook on FanTeam. In fact, this is currently the only opportunity which lets you do so. 

To claim your rewards, you must enter a certain daily fantasy game, with your options shown on the offer’s page. Do so, and you’ll be given a £5 free bet to use in the sportsbook section. Somewhat annoyingly, you must meet minimum odds of evens when using this token, and any bonus winnings are subject to a 1x rollover. 

FanTeam Deposit Options and Banking

As mentioned earlier, you’re actually given a good amount of choice when it comes to making a deposit on the FanTeam app. Your options go far beyond simple debit card and bank transfer, to include eWallets like PayPal and Skrill, plus Paysafecard. All deposits are processed instantly, and the minimum deposit amount is an industry standard £10. 

Unfortunately, FanTeam is far less impressive when it comes to withdrawals. You still have plenty of choices as to how you withdraw, but you will be charged a fee whichever method you pick. This will either be a flat fee, for debit cards, or a percentage of your withdrawal amount. In the latter case, the fee will be capped at £20. Either way, while this fee won’t exactly break the bank, it’s still a major annoyance for bettors. That’s particularly true since the vast majority of modern-day betting apps have – thankfully – gotten rid of transaction fees entirely. 

FanTeam Deposit Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Limits (£)
Visa/Mastercard 0% Instant £10
PayPal 0% Instant £10
Paysafecard 0% Instant £10
Trustly (Bank Transfer) 0% Instant £10
Neteller 0% Instant £10
EcoPayz 0% Instant £10
Skrill 0% Instant £10

FanTeam Withdrawal Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Min Withdrawal (£)
Visa/Mastercard £5 Up to 5 days £20
PayPal 4.95% Up to 5 days £20
Paysafecard N/A N/A N/A
Trustly (Bank Transfer) 3.95% Up to 5 days £20
Neteller 4.95% Up to 5 days £20
EcoPayz 4.95% Up to 5 days £20
Skrill 4.95% Up to 5 days £20

Customer Support

Whether you’re using a traditional sportsbook, a daily fantasy site, or a platform which blends the two – like FanTeam – you’ll obviously encounter issues sooner or later. With FanTeam though, we’re pleased to say that you can get these resolved swiftly and effectively. 

Primarily, this is thanks to the inclusion of live chat, which can be accessed with a single tap of your screen from anywhere in the app*. Alternatively, if you want to send a more detailed message, you can use email instead. 

Elsewhere, you’ll find plenty of indirect help here. The ‘Support’ area is fantastic, including a full FAQ, plus sections to help you understand a whole range of topics, including how daily fantasy works. These smaller sections are broken down into useful topics, with entries being written in a clear and helpful manner.

Security and Safety

As with most betting apps, it’s pretty hard to find many specific details about the security measures on FanTeam. The phrase ‘safe and secure’ is used constantly across the app, but with little information about how this is actually achieved. FanTeam does obviously make use of highly-regarded payment providers, so we’d expect all transactions to be secure, but that’s about it. 

Fortunately though, any doubts can quickly be put to rest, since FanTeam has managed to secure licenses with both the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. These are two of the most respected gambling industry regulators around, and their seal of approval ensures that FanTeam is a secure and fair betting app.

About FanTeam

FanTeam first launched back in 2015, giving it a pretty impressive track record by modern standards. By some estimates, it is now the largest daily fantasy sports in Europe, although brands like DraftKings remain bigger overall. 

FanTeam is owned and operated by the Scout Gaming Group, a Swedish company which was created in 2013. This is certainly an ambitious outfit, having launched the FanTeam app to over 20 different states at once in the USA in December 2021. FanTeam itself is based in Malta, and has sponsored Fulham FC for several years now. 

Bottom Line

Let’s be clear – if you’re purely a fan of regular sports betting, you won’t find enough on the FanTeam app to satisfy you. Far fewer sports and bet types are provided within the sportsbook section than you’d find on any dedicated betting app. There’s also a lack of promotions dedicated to the sportsbook, with only one available right now which will give you a free bet. 

If you enjoy both daily fantasy and sports betting, however, FanTeam is a fantastic option. The breadth of its fantasy options is far more impressive than its sportsbook markets, with a huge number of competitions to be a part of. Alternatively, creating your own private league is a cinch. We also liked the social features which FanTeam has put in place, and it does a great job of explaining how everything works to inexperienced players. 

In summary, don’t expect to find the world’s best sportsbook within the FanTeam mobile app. What you will find is a decent sportsbook, which shares an app with a far superior daily fantasy section. If you’ve ever wanted to try and make money from playing fantasy sports, the FanTeam app is an excellent place to start. 


What is FanTeam?

FanTeam is a mobile app which offers both daily fantasy and sports betting markets. It has been around since 2015, and iOS users can download it directly from the App Store, while Android users will need to use the mobile site instead.

How does daily fantasy work?

Similarly to regular fantasy, you’re given a budget and must use that to create a fake team made of real-world players. In this case though, you pay to enter tournaments, and win money by placing highly in those contests. 

Which sports are included?

Approximately 10. Football has the best coverage, but you can also play or wager on eSports, golf, basketball, the NFL, and more. 

Are there any special offers available?

New customers can get a deposit match on their first payment, worth up to £20. There are also a few ongoing promotions, including a ‘Refer a Friend’ deal, and another which gives you free bets. 

What payment methods can I use?

You’re given the choice between using debit cards, eWallets, and prepaid cards here. Annoyingly though, transaction fees are charged on all withdrawals. 

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