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BritainBet Mobile App Review

Even in the extremely crowded betting landscape in the UK, there always seems to be room for more brands. BritainBet is one of the latest examples. Founded in 2020, it is the absolute definition of a new betting app. This shouldn’t automatically dissuade you though, as these apps frequently provide better promotions and superior value than their older rivals. 

In this comprehensive review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the BritainBet app. We’ll cover its features, special offers, betting markets, and plenty more. Ultimately, we’ll let you know whether it’s worth your time and effort to download and start using this relatively unknown app. 

BritainBet New Sign Up Offer 

At first glance, the BritainBet welcome offer seems pretty straightforward. It’s a relatively low-stakes ‘deposit match’ deal, providing you with a £10 free bet in exchange for a deposit of at least £10. You don’t even need to place a wager to get that first bonus. 


Take a closer look, however, and you’ll quickly see this deal comes with some big strings attached. Here are a handful of the most important T&Cs:

As you can probably guess, it’s the first point here which creates the most problems. Having a 10x rollover requirement, just to get a maximum of £20 in bonus winnings, is pretty unappealing. That’s especially true when there are so many other betting apps out there which will give you £10, £20, even £30 in free bets, in exchange for one simple qualifying wager. 

The BritainBet welcome offer isn’t a disaster, by any means. Its tough rollover requirement may be a deal-breaker for many punters, though.

BritainBet Mobile App

At the time of writing, there is not technically a standalone, downloadable betting app available for BritainBet, either for iOS or Android users. This isn’t massively surprising in itself. Partly, that’s because this is still a relatively new brand. In addition, BritainBet’s parent company – ProgressPlay – have created several other betting sites in the past few years without providing an app at launch. 

This lack of a dedicated mobile app is a little frustrating, but it isn’t a disaster. That’s because you can still simply use the mobile version of the main website instead, which – it turns out – is very good indeed. 

The BritainBet interface is generally sleek, straightforward, and modern. This is also true of the mobile version, which has been well-optimised. We tested it on both a smartphone and tablet, and – in each case – it adapted easily to the different screen sizes. While the performance levels didn’t match those of our favourite standalone apps, they were still solid. That was true using both a WiFi connection and mobile data. Pages loaded quickly enough, the main features were responsive, and we experienced no crashes whatsoever. 

Other BritainBet Apps

In addition to its sports betting mobile website, BritainBet also provides a fully-featured casino section. You can switch between these very easily via your mobile browser, and you share an account between the two of them as well. 

The BritainBet casino app features a wide selection of games and features. There are plenty of slots, jackpots, and casino games like blackjack and poker. Most eye-catching of all is the rewards program, which dishes out the likes of free spins and cashback deals in exchange for your continuing loyalty.

Advantages of BritainBet Betting App

The BritainBet mobile browser app won’t blow you away the first time you use it. The more time we spent with it, however, the more we grew to like it. These were just a handful of our favourite things about the app. 

Highly Usable Interface

A betting app doesn’t need to blow you away with its creativity and originality. As bettors, we simply want the ability to find the markets we’re interested in, then place wagers, as quickly and easily as possible. 

The designers behind the BritainBet platform clearly recognised this, and have done a great job of providing a streamlined, user-friendly platform. You’ll be able to find your way around this mobile site from the very first time you use it. Whether via the series of dropdown menus or handy search function, finding the sport and specific event you want to wager on is easy. Getting bets down after that takes mere seconds, and it’s just as effortless to access the special offers, customer support, and so on. 

Plenty of Betting Markets

For young brands like this one, appealing to the widest possible audience is crucial. BritainBet have ticked this box in style. There are a whopping 40+ different sports available to wager on right now, incorporating almost 3,000 different individual betting opportunities at the time of writing. In short, whatever your favourite sport or event, you’ll almost certainly be able to find and wager on it at BritainBet. 

It’s not just the breadth of markets which impresses on this app, but the depth too. There’s a pleasing amount of variety in the available bet types, which – in turn – gives you plenty of flexibility in exactly how you want to approach any given matchup. 

Choice of Payment Options

This is one area in which new brands often let their users down. One of BritainBet’s contemporaries, for example – LiveScore Bet – impressed us in almost every area, but provided just two payment options at the time of our review. 

This is certainly not the case with BirtainBet. Your choices here go far beyond simple Visa and Mastercard, to include other traditional methods, eWallets, and even prepaid cards. Giving users this much choice in exactly how they want to make payments definitely deserves praise. 

Competitive Odds

The odds are one of the very first things we look at, from any new bookie we encounter. After all, it doesn’t matter how smart your betting picks are  – if the prices you’re being offered are sub-par, there will always be a cap on your potential profits. 

This needn’t be a concern on BritainBet. We compared plenty of their odds on the biggest markets to those being offered by their competitors. The vast majority of the time, we found these prices to be roughly equal to, or even superior than, the others. Crucially, this also includes the odds you’re given for both placing and cashing out live wagers.

Helpful Customer Service

Here we encounter another area in which new betting apps frequently disappoint. Once again, BritainBet bucks this trend in style. 

The customer service is very easy to access on BritainBet, and you can get connected to a member of the support team quickly too. Thereafter – based on both our experiences, and other accounts we read online – you can expect to receive both friendly and helpful customer service. 


BritainBet Betting Features

We wouldn’t exactly call BritainBet ‘feature-packed’. With that said, the cupboard certainly isn’t bare here. There are still several ways in which BritainBet help to provide you with fresh betting opportunities, inform your picks, or simply make your experience more enjoyable. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most eye-catching examples. 

In-Play Betting

If we had to pick one single area in which BritainBet really stood out, it would be in its live gambling features. Of these, the headline – and BritainBet’s own clear focus – is in-play betting.

By default, it is the in-play markets which are prominently shown when you first load the BritainBet app. These are usually highly populated, with over 100 different wagers available at the time of writing, split across more than 10 individual sports markets. The coverage within each sport is extremely impressive too. With football betting, for example, you can place in-play wagers on everything from the FA Cup through to the Ukrainian Youth League. 

There’s a slight drop-off in the variety of bet types here, compared to those found pre-match, but that’s standard practice for any sportsbook. You’re still not limited to mere Match Result wagers in football, for example, also having access to the likes of Over/Under Goals and Handicaps while the match is ongoing. 

Mechanically, the in-play betting tool also works well on your mobile device. We found the prices to update with pleasing regularity, accurately reflecting the latest goings-on in the game itself. You can usually get your wager down quickly too, meaning that – if you see a price you like – you should be able to pounce on it before it gets away. This means that – if your phone is with you – you can basically bet on any major sports event, at any time, at the precise moment you want to. 

Cash Out Tool

On mobile sportsbooks which really take their live betting seriously, in-play and cash out should go hand-in-hand. You should not only have the opportunity to place live wagers, but also to bail on them whenever you feel the need. For the most part, BritainBet let you do just that. 

After placing a bet, you can look to the ‘Betting History’ section of your betslip, and check out your active wagers there. If you see the ‘$’ logo, that means your bet is available to be cashed out. As with all bookies, not every one of your bets will be eligible here, depending on the current state of the game, the bet type you’ve chosen, and so on. That said, BritainBet do a relatively good job of keeping this option open compared to other bookies. 

The prices you’re offered for cashing out are obviously dynamic, and change fairly frequently. These odds certainly seemed fair during our testing of the app though, and (again, compared to the competition) we didn’t experience too many occasions in which the cash out option was ‘greyed-out’ and unavailable. 

Finally, BritainBet also allow you to cash out pre-match bets which you’ve quickly come to regret (we’ve all been there). Again though, this will only be available on certain markets, and you’ll never be offered your full stake back as a cash out. 

Live Betting Support

As you can clearly see by now, live betting is a huge priority for BritainBet. They take things to yet another level, though, with the support they give you to help out in this area. 

Up front, we’ll make it clear that live streaming is unfortunately unavailable here. BritainBet actually do a great job of making up for this absence, however, with one of the better visualisation tools we’ve come across. All the main events are displayed here. In football, for example, you’re notified on everything from yellow and red cards, through to goals and dangerous attacks. The graphics are crisp and clean too, helping you keep up with the latest goings-on with minimal effort required. 

BritainBet also provide a couple of other tools to help you out here. A ‘Live Calendar’ section provides a comprehensive list of every upcoming in-play matchup for all sports, and a ‘Results’ area lets you quickly research the outcomes of a massive range of prior contests. The ‘Live Overview’ page shows you every ongoing match at once, along with live odds for several of the most popular bet types, and ‘Live Multiview’ lets you pick several current contests to focus on. 

Competitive Leaderboards 

You can learn all about BritainBet’s promotions in detail shortly. For now though, we wanted to highlight the most creative special offer by far, and one which we wished more betting apps would look to incorporate – the Sports Leaderboard. 

As the name suggests, this is a leaderboard-based contest, in which the bettors themselves are competing against each other. Make smart picks, and – in addition to simply winning your wagers, and collecting your profits – you will also move up the leaderboard. At the end of each month, the five most successful bettors will each win a share of the prize pool. The top dog gets £150, second-place gets £125, and 3rd, 4th and 5th are awarded £100, £75, and £50 respectively. 

We really do love everything about this special feature. It’s original, fun, and potentially lucrative. It’s also very easy to join, simply requiring you to deposit £10 or more, opt-in using the code ‘GOTIME’, and wager at least £50 on any sports. If you don’t make the top five in a given month, you can simply go again the next round!

Bet Builder

While some bettors stick exclusively to the relative safety of singles bets, many others prefer both the excitement and upside of multiples wagers. As we’ve already established, placing the former is extremely straightforward here. If you’re a fan of the latter though, you’ll also find it incredibly easy to get your multiples down thanks to BritainBet’s Bet Builder.

This handy tool is specifically designed for same-game multiples on football. Browse the list of individual markets for a high profile matchup, and you will see a small ‘chain’ symbol above many of them. This means that selection is eligible to be added to a combination wager. Most of the more popular bet types fall into this category, including Match Result, Double Chance, Draw No Bet, and Both Teams to Score. Major player props can also be thrown in, such as Anytime Goalscorer and First Goalscorer. 

As you add selections with the Bet Builder, your odds will update constantly within your betslip. Once you’ve found a combination you like, you can simply enter your stake and place the wager as normal.

BritainBet Markets

As we touched upon earlier in our BritainBet review, you certainly won’t be short of betting markets on this app. Quite simply, if a sporting event at any reasonable level is taking place somewhere in the world, you’ll probably be able to find odds on it here. There are literally dozens of different markets available, and – while football is naturally the most-populated – plenty of other major and minor sports are covered too. All of these are extremely easy to navigate, using either the main interface or the in-site search engine.


As with most new sportsbooks, BritainBet have chosen to make football their number one priority. This is a smart move, with the beautiful game being – by far – the most popular market with punters on British betting apps.

The football coverage here is absolutely fantastic. All the top international, continental, and domestic leagues are covered, but plenty of love is also shown to less famous competitions. The variety of bet types is also pretty ridiculous, with a single Premier League matchup regularly featuring anywhere from 300-500 individual betting opportunities. In fact, the single weak point here relates to longer-term wagers, as we couldn’t find any outright markets at all available during our research. 

Horse Racing

After football, horse racing betting is almost certainly the second-most popular market among on-the-go British bettors. We were pleased to find it available on BritainBet, therefore, particularly considering the difficulties new bookies often have in licensing the ‘sport of kings’. 

On the plus side here, there were almost 200 different horse markets available at the time of writing. Unfortunately though, every single one of these was for racecourses in the USA, with no coverage at all for races in the UK & Ireland, Europe, or Australia. If you’re happy to focus on American events though, you’ll find a huge number of Race Winner and Each Way bets available each day. 


As a betting market, tennis doesn’t receive anywhere near the attention of football or horse racing. Thanks to its year-round nature though, and the sheer volume of events – it’s extremely popular with serious punters. 

Tennis has the third-most markets on BritainBet in total. Naturally all four slams are covered, but you can also wager on both men’s and women’s tour events throughout the year. Again, there’s a lack of outright markets here, but this is balanced out by excellent live coverage, which allows you to bet by match, set, or even game. 


In addition to those listed above, you’ll also find 30+ other sports available to wager on at any given time on the BritainBet web app. These include plenty of classic UK markets, such as cricket, golf, and rugby. Motorsports are also featured, and there’s a solid selection of eSports titles too. 

Elsewhere, BritainBet cover darts, snooker, and boxing, plus all the major American leagues (including the NFL and NBA). A few more niche offerings round out the collection nicely, including handball, hurling, and netball. 


BritainBet Ongoing Promotions

Following on from the £10 deposit match welcome offer, BritainBet also provide a few ongoing promotions to reward their customers’ loyalty. 

Super Sports Leaderboard

This is easily the most intriguing BritainBet offer. As we explained earlier, it basically pits punters against each other, with the most successful five players each month taking home some generous cash prizes. 

Score With Football

Money back offers are rare on new betting apps, so we’re pleasantly surprised to find this one in place. To qualify, you must deposit £10 or more using the code ‘CROSS’. Do so, and – if you bet at least £50 on football – you’ll get 10% of your losses refunded. Better still, this will be delivered as cash, with no strings attached, rather than as a bonus. 

BritainBet also provide 10% cashback offers for a selection of their other biggest markets, including golf, volleyball, and tennis. The mechanics are almost identical in each case, with only the opt-in code you need to use changing.

‘Next Level’ Free Bet Offer

This eSports deal is the only reliable way for existing BritainBet customers to get free bets right now. The value is fair, with you needing to wager £25 on video games to get a £10 free bet token. Be aware though, that – as with the welcome offer – there is a tough 10x rollover requirement on your bonus winnings here. 

BritainBet Deposit Options and Banking

When it comes to banking options on betting apps, it’s generally a case of ‘the more, the better’. By this simple metric, BritainBet does well. 

You’ll find a wide variety of deposit methods available to you here, incorporating some 15 different choices. Debit cards and bank transfers are obviously included, but you can also use eWallets (like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill), Paysafecard, and PayviaPhone. Unusually, you can even pay in cryptocurrencies here, via BitBay Pay. Most of the same options are available for withdrawals, with the obvious exclusion of the prepaid Paysafecard. 

It’s not all good news here though, with two main issues to report. 

The first is a transaction fee of £2.50, which is applied to all withdrawals. That’s not going to break the bank on its own, but it’s certainly annoying. The second is the time taken for withdrawals. Every time you request a cash out, you’ll be subjected to a ridiculous three-day ‘Pending Period’, where… nothing happens. Even after that, you must wait another day for ‘Processing’, then – in some cases – up to seven more business days for the payment to actually go through. Add all that together, and you get one of the slowest withdrawal times among British betting apps right now. 

BritainBet Deposit Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Limits (£)
Visa/Mastercard 0% Instant £10
PayPal 0% Instant £10
PayviaPhone 15% Instant £10
Paysafecard 0% Instant £10
Trustly (Bank Transfer) 0% Instant £20
MuchBetter 0% Instant £20
EcoPayz 0% Instant £20
Cryptocurrency 0% Instant £20

BritainBet Withdrawal Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Min. Withdrawal (£)
Visa/Mastercard £2.50 3-7 days £10
PayPal £2.50 3-7 days £10
Trustly (Bank Transfer) £2.50 3 days £50
EcoPayz £2.50 3 days £20

Customer Support

Our opinions on the BritainBet app definitely dropped off in the last section. Thankfully though, things get back on track with their customer service. 

Live chat is the most convenient way to contact the support staff here, and it can be accessed very quickly indeed in the ‘Support’ section. Next to it, you’ll also see an option to send an email instead, if your enquiry isn’t so urgent. In both cases, the coverage is 24/7, which is obviously fantastic. We sent a couple of test enquiries during our research for this review, and – in both cases – were answered promptly and helpfully. 

Elsewhere, there’s also a solid FAQ section in place for on-the-go BritainBet punters. While the layout isn’t the most intuitive we’ve seen, the search function allows you to immediately find the entry you’re looking for anyway. The answers here are concise, to say the least, but still (usually) tell you what you need to know.

Security and Safety

Compared to most modern-day betting apps, BritainBet are relatively revealing about the security measures they have in place. The FAQ confirms that 3D Secure Code is used to authenticate payments, and prevent online fraud. Elsewhere, in the ‘About Us’ section, BritainBet also state that they use 128-bit SSL encryption and powerful firewalls to encrypt the transmission of sensitive data. Finally, third-party outfits – rather than BritainBet themselves – are used to process payments.

Perhaps most important of all, however, are the licenses BritainBet has managed to secure. These have been acquired from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority, both of which hold betting apps to the highest standards for fairness and security. 

About BritainBet

As a new brand, it should come as no surprise to learn that little information is available about BritainBet itself. They were only launched in 2020, after all, meaning that they’ve had no time to establish a track record. We know that they’re based in Malta, like many other sports betting operators, but that’s about it.

Much more information is available for BritainBet’s parent company. ProgressPlay have expanded aggressively into the UK’s sports betting scene in the past few years, launching a whole range of different brands. Like BritainBet, while these other apps haven’t blown us away, we’ve found them to be solid all-rounders. 

ProgressPlay are based in Malta too, and have a track record which stretches back to 2012. Within that time they have provided white-label platforms for many sportsbook and casino sites, and are generally known as trustworthy, reliable operators.

Bottom Line

We won’t beat around the bush here – compared to some of the more premium betting apps out there, BritainBet is unlikely to blow you away. It doesn’t have the higher-end features which you’ll find elsewhere, and the lack of actual standalone betting apps is certainly an issue. 

With all that said, we still believe there’s enough here to make BritainBet an interesting option. The mobile website is well-designed, with a straightforward interface and intuitive layout. The selections of both betting markets and payment options are absolutely fantastic, the customer service is very good, and the live betting tools work brilliantly. 

Overall then, BritainBet isn’t the most exciting brand in the world, but it provides a solid, well-rounded betting experience. It’s definitely worth your while to head over to the mobile site on your device, have a go at the £10 deposit match welcome offer, and take things from there.


What is BritainBet?

BritainBet is one of the latest offerings from ProgressPlay, a highly-experienced gambling platform provider. It is a solid all-round web app, which particularly excels in live betting.

Are there iOS and Android apps available?

No. At the time of writing, there is neither an iOS nor an Android app available from BritainBet. Instead, you will be entirely reliant on the mobile website. 

What sports can I bet on?

Dozens. We counted over 40 different markets during our testing, covering everything from football and horse racing, to handball and badminton. 

What payment methods can I use?

There’s an exceptionally good selection here. These include traditional methods like debit card and bank transfer, eWallets such as PayPal, and even cryptocurrencies. 

Are there any special offers in place?

Yes. You can get started with a £10 deposit match deal, which is for new customers only. After that, there’s also a fairly wide range of ongoing promotions for existing users. 

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