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In recent years, it’s fair to say that ProgressPlay has been one of the most aggressive betting companies out there. Rather than choosing to focus on one or two brands, as most gambling operators do, it has instead opened up a wide range of different sportsbooks and online casinos. 

BetStorm is one of the latest results of this ambitious approach, and – in this article – you’ll find out everything you need to know about its mobile features. We’ll cover the special offers, betting markets, customer support options and more, and – ultimately – tell you if this is a brand worth betting with. 

BetStorm New Sign Up Offer 

It’s fair to say that BetStorm’s welcome offer doesn’t create an explosive first impression. This is a ‘Bet £10, Get a £30 Free Bet’ deal, similar to welcome bonus offered by large betting companies. 

Betstorm Welcome offer

Before we analyse the general quality of the deal, let’s take a look at its most important terms and conditions:

Overall, while this obviously isn’t the most spectacular welcome offer around, it’s still a solid effort. Many ProgressPlay deals suffer from harsh rollover requirements, but – in this case – you only need to bet through your bonus amount one time. You’re also given a whole week to do this, and the minimum odds of 1/2 are definitely fair. 

Finally, if you deposit and bet the minimum £10 here, you’re effectively doubling your initial spend. While you’ll see bigger deals on other betting apps, that’s definitely still fair value. 

BetStorm Mobile App

While there are some key differences between its brands, most ProgressPlay betting sites have one common characteristic – their lack of a mobile app. Unfortunately, that’s also the case here. At the time of writing there is no downloadable app for either Android or iOS users, and – based on ProgressPlay’s track record – we don’t expect this to change any time soon. 

Because of this, on-the-go bettors will be completely dependent on the mobile version of the main website. This is a reasonable substitute, but could definitely be improved, and a proper, dedicated mobile app would be vastly preferable. 

The interface here is simplistic to say the least. The mobile site is split evenly between the casino and sports sections via a pair of buttons at the top. Once you’re in the sports section, there are very few sub-menus, and those which are in place are awkward to navigate. Instead, you’ll be relying heavily on the search function to find whatever matchup you’re looking for. 

In fairness, you can still carry out all the same main actions you would on the desktop site here. The same betting markets have been carried over, along with the customer support options, promotions, and so on, which can be accessed via a collapsable menu located in the top-left of your screen. Overall though, this is far from the best mobile betting site we’ve seen, and is even inferior to several of those found on ProgressPlay’s other brands. 

Other BetStorm Apps

As mentioned, in addition to the sportsbook section BetStorm also provides a full online casino. Like the sportsbook, this does not have its own downloadable app, with the two areas instead sharing the same mobile website. 

Generally speaking, it’s the same story here as with the sportsbook. The layout of the casino section is highly simplistic, and you’ll invariably need to use the search function to find what you’re actually looking for. There’s still a decent number of games available though, including some of the most popular slots around like Fishin’ Frenzy and Starburst. 

Advantages of BetStorm Betting App

In the previous section, it’s fair to say we were a little down on the BetStorm mobile website. There’s still plenty to like here though, with these being a handful of its most impressive aspects. 

Range of Markets

We’ll get onto this in more detail later in our BetStorm app review. For now though, simply know that the range of betting markets you’ll find here is highly impressive, particularly for a non-premium brand. 

30+ different sports are covered, which is a highly impressive total, even when stacked up against the industry titans like Betfair and Bet365. These range from the biggest markets like football and horse racing, to more niche and international offerings, like kabaddi and bandy. There’s also a nice range of bet types available, which helps to ensure you’ll be kept entertained for the long haul. 

Wide Selection of Payment Methods

This is another area in which – somewhat surprisingly – BetStorm can actually compete with the very biggest brands around. Again, we’ll cover this in full detail shortly, but the range of payment methods is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of the BetStorm mobile site. That range goes far beyond simple debit card and bank transfer payments, to include an impressive variety of eWallets, and even prepaid card and cryptocurrency options.

Competitive Odds

It doesn’t matter how wide your selection of betting markets is. If the actual odds for those markets aren’t good enough, then savvy punters still won’t want to bet with you. 

Fortunately, this does not need to be a worry with BetStorm. As usual with ProgressPlay, while the odds here aren’t usually spectacular, they still compare well with those being offered by most of the competition. Better still, seeing the price movements on BetStorm is made extremely easy for you, with green and red arrows indicating whether the odds have recently risen or fallen. 

Responsive Customer Service

Use a mobile app or website for long enough, and it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter some issues. That’s a simple fact of life, but it’s still crucial that you’re able to get these problems dealt with quickly and effectively. 

Again, BetStorm impresses here. Coverage is available 24/7, meaning you’re always able to get help. Actually receiving support is easy too, thanks to the inclusion of several contact options, which crucially include live chat. 

Performance Levels

As you clearly saw in the previous section, we’re not big fans of the interface on the BetStorm mobile website. With that said, we still want to give credit where it’s due, so we must say that – functionally at least – BetStorm’s mobile platform is extremely well-made. 

During our testing, the website ran extremely smoothly. That was true on both a tablet and phone, and – in the latter case – regardless of whether we were using WiFi or a mobile data connection. We experienced no crashes whatsoever, pages loaded quickly, and the live betting tools were highly responsive. 

BetStorm Betting Features

Compared to the biggest betting apps around, like those provided by Ladbrokes or William Hill, we obviously can’t call BetStorm’s mobile site ‘feature-packed’. With that said, the cupboard certainly isn’t bare here, with these being a few of the most useful tools and features that you can benefit from. 

In-Play Betting

For many punters, the opportunities provided by in-play has seen live betting replace the traditional pre-match variety completely. Whether you fall into this category, or simply like to dabble in live betting every now and again, you’ll be well-served at BetStorm. 

In-play is given its own entire section here, showing just how seriously BetStorm takes it. Naturally you won’t find as many markets as you do with pre-match, but there were still some 100 live matchups being covered at the time of writing. For the more popular sports, like football, these individual matches can include well over 100 individual bet types to choose from. 

Cash Out Tool

Of course, the actual placement of wagers is only half the challenge when it comes to live betting. You also need to know the perfect time to bail on a bet, whether that’s to lock in some early profits, or to spare yourself serious losses. 

Thankfully, BetStorm has you covered here too. You can easily see which markets are cash-out eligible before you even place a wager, thanks to a handy ‘dollar sign’ icon. Actually executing a cash out from within your betslip is just as straightforward, even from your mobile device, and the cash out tool is responsive enough to let you lock in the odds you want when doing so.

Live Betting Support

It should come as no surprise to learn that live streaming is unavailable on the BetStorm mobile site. To its credit though, this bookie has still done a good job of supporting your live betting needs. 

In place of live streaming you’ll find a very good visualisation tool, which keeps you updated on everything from goal kicks to dangerous attacks. There’s also a smattering of live statistics – including cards, corners, shots on target, and so on – and the ‘Live Multiview’ feature can help you to keep up with several different ongoing matches at once. 

Competitive Leaderboards 

Sports betting is normally a solo activity, in which you’re either competing yourself or – at best – the bookie. With BetStorm’s ‘Leaderboards’ feature, however –  called ‘Super Fan’ – you’re actually thrust into competition with a whole range of other bettors on the platform. 

Anyone who places enough wagers on eligible markets will automatically be entered onto BetStorm’s Leaderboard. Then, at the end of each betting period, the top five bettors in terms of profits will all be given significant cash prizes. The biggest rewards naturally go to the best punters of all, but even the bonus dished out to fifth-placed punters makes this a highly worthwhile competition.

Bet Builder

Even nowadays, putting together multiples bets can be a bit of a pain on some betting apps. We’re pleased to say, however, that this certainly isn’t the case on the BetStorm mobile website. In large part, this is down to the inclusion of a solid Bet Builder tool, which is still lacking on many modern-day sportsbooks. 

In short, the BetStorm Bet Builder makes it easier than ever to create your ideal same-game multiple. Head to the markets for a particular matchup, and you’ll see a small ‘chain’ icon next to many of the bet types. This immediately shows you that these can be added to a Bet Builder multiples wager, with the odds updating immediately as you continue to add and remove selections. Once you’re happy with your picks, you simply confirm the wager within your betslip, as normal. 

BetStorm Markets

We’ve touched on this already, but it definitely bears repeating. BetStorm’s market selection is one of its very best aspects, and is genuinely competitive with those you’ll find on the biggest betting apps on the market. 

The inclusion of over 30 different sports ensures that most bettors’ needs will be covered here. It’s not just the breadth of the markets being provided, however, but their depth which is impressive too, with plenty of different bet types giving you the freedom to decide exactly how you want to approach a given matchup. 

With all that said, let’s take a closer look at how BetStorm stacks up in several of the most important markets for British punters. After that, we’ll take a broader overview of the other sports it covers. 


Football remains the biggest sport on British betting apps by an absolute mile, so it’s no surprise that BetStorm have clearly prioritised it. Football has the most markets by far here, with around 1,000 games being available to wager on pre-match at the time of writing. For reference, basketball was the next-busiest subsection, with around 200 games covered. 

Naturally, all the biggest international, continental, and domestic competitions are in place here. You can wager on everything from the African Cup of Nations to League 1 matchups, all from one place, and this can invariably be done both pre-match and in-play. The outright markets are a little less impressive by comparison, but overall this is still an excellent football section. 

Horse Racing

While the beautiful game continues to dominate online betting, horse racing continues to retain its clear second-place. The sport of kings is often overlooked by newer bookies, due to licensing difficulties, but does indeed make an appearance on the BetStorm mobile site. 

Unfortunately, the actual selection of racing markets is pretty small here, with only USA events being included. In fairness though, the 10 or so courses which are covered still represent some 160+ pre-race markets at a given time. 


eSports is definitely one of the fastest-growing betting markets around, and betting apps which ignore it do so at their peril. We were pleased to see that, instead, BetStorm has shown eSports betting the respect it deserves. 

There’s an unusually good range of games to bet on here, from LoL and Dota 2, to Starcraft 2, Rocket League, CoD, CS:GO, and more. All told, this equals hundreds of individual betting opportunities for video game fans, many of which are also available in-play. 


In addition to those detailed above, BetStorm has some 20+ other sports which you’re able to wager on. Unsurprisingly, these include old favourites for British bettors, such as tennis, golf, rugby, and cricket. Other big-hitters like motorsports and athletics are also covered, as are a few more niche markets, like futsal, bandy, and even curling.  

BetStorm Ongoing Promotions

Head to the Promotions page on BetStorm, and you’re likely to be impressed by the number of options you see laid out. In addition to the welcome offer, which we covered earlier, there are 14 different ongoing promotions available at the time of writing. That’s definitely an eyebrow-raising figure, being considerably more than you’d find on a typical premium betting app. 

Look a little closer though, and you’ll see the selection is nowhere near as impressive as it seems. For starters, many of the entries on this page are simply stating that a sport is available to bet on – they’re not actually ‘promotions’ at all. Even for the genuine deals, there’s very little variety between them, with almost all of them falling into the same couple of categories: leaderboard (mentioned earlier), and cash back. 

Taken alone, both these offer types are certainly worthwhile. Simply be aware, however, that the apparent riches on offer here aren’t as vast as they seem. The fact that you can only actually participate in one promotion at a time must also be taken into account. 

Money Back Deals

Money back offers are routinely one of the best promotion types which bettors can find. BetStorm’s version isn’t exactly the most exciting you can find, but it can still be valuable in the right circumstances. 

To qualify here, you must first pick a sport, with your options including rugby, tennis, and basketball. After doing so, you’ll need to deposit at least £10 using a specific promo code, such as ‘POINT’ for the basketball deal. From that point on, you will get 10% of your losses returned to you. 

Unlike a couple of BetStorm’s other deals, this one stands up to scrutiny. For starters, the rebate is given to you as cash, rather than as a free bet, with absolutely no wagering requirements attached. No minimum odds at all are imposed, and the maximum amount you can claim is a generous £500. 

Super Fan

‘Super Fan’ is the official name of BetStorm’s ‘Leaderboard’ promotion. We touched on this deal earlier, but can reveal a few more details about it now. 

For starters, you must use the promo code ‘START’ to trigger the offer, while depositing at least £10 in the process. After that, you’ll need to wager at least £50 within the qualifying period. There are no restrictions on either the markets or minimum odds when you’re placing these wagers, which is obviously fantastic. 

At the end of the promotional period, the five most successful bettors on the platform will receive a prize. This totals £150 for the overall winner, and goes down to £50 for fifth-place. As with the money back deals, this is awarded as cash, with no rollover requirements at all. 

Rewards Program

VIP programs have proved popular with punters over the long haul, and with good reason. These schemes, at their best, reward bettors for their continuing loyalty, with the scale of those rewards increasing the longer you use a platform, and the more money you commit to it. 

In the case of the BetStorm Rewards Programme, you gain points in three main ways: ranking on the Super Fan leaderboards, achieving badges, and completing missions (such as wagering on certain events). Those points can then be spent in two different places. You can use them in the Rewards Store to benefit from VIP-only offers, or to unlock prizes, such as eligibility to compete in exclusive tournaments. 

BetStorm Deposit Options and Banking

While it generally doesn’t possess the ‘quality of life’ features that you’ll find on a premium betting app, BetStorm still manages to compete with these brands in several key areas. In its deposit methods, we find a major example of this. 

You’re given a very good amount of choice in how you make your deposits here. Rather than just being limited to bank transfer or debit card, you can choose between eWallets like PayPal and Neteller, and prepaid cards like Paysafecard. In short, there should be at least one or two good options for every punter here. 

You’ll find fewer choices when it comes to withdrawals, which is standard practice across most modern-day betting apps. Less forgivable, however, is the inclusion of an annoying £2.50 processing fee for all withdrawals. Not only that, but these payments are also subject to a strange one-day ‘processing’ period, which significantly slows down the entire withdrawal process.

BetStorm Deposit Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Limits (£)
Visa/Mastercard 0% Instant £10
PayPal 0% Instant £10
PayviaPhone 15% Instant £10
Paysafecard 0% Instant £10
Trustly (Bank Transfer) 0% Instant £20
MuchBetter 0% Instant £20
EcoPayz 0% Instant £20

BetStorm Withdrawal Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Min. Withdrawal (£)
Visa/Mastercard £2.50 3-7 days £10
PayPal £2.50 3-7 days £10
Trustly (Bank Transfer) £2.50 3 days £50
EcoPayz £2.50 3 days £20
Neteller £2.50 3 days £20

Customer Support

This is another area in which the BetStorm mobile website actually stacks up well, in comparison with the much bigger betting apps out there. Most importantly of all, the coverage hours are 24/7 here, meaning that you should never be truly out of touch with the support team. Actually contacting them is also easy, with live chat available via a single tap of your screen, or you can send an email enquiry instead.

In addition, you’ll also find a full BetStorm ‘Support Center’ in place. This covers all the most important topics, from payments to promotions, and you can use the search function to immediately find the article you’re looking for. 

Security and Safety

Whenever you’re being asked to not only provide your personal information, but commit real money to a betting app too, you naturally want to ensure that both are being protected. With the BetStorm mobile site, this needn’t be a worry for you. 

Like most brands, BetStorm doesn’t reveal too many details about its security measures, but there’s enough to put your mind at rest. 128-bit SSL is used to encrypt all data transmissions, and powerful firewalls are also in place. Payments are processed by respected third-party companies, various anti-fraud checks are regularly carried out, and company money is kept separate from users’ funds. 

Last but not least, BetStorm is also fully licensed and regulated by both the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. These are two of the most renowned licenses a betting brand can get, and the fact that BetStorm has managed to do so clearly shows that it’s a safe and trustworthy platform.  

About BetStorm

BetStorm is the definition of a new mobile betting platform, having only launched in 2021. Don’t let this put you off though, because there’s plenty of experience behind this brand. This comes courtesy of its parent company, ProgressPlay. 

ProgressPlay has been around since 2012. In almost a decade of operations, it has established an excellent reputation for providing high quality white-label betting platforms. Not only that, but – in the past few years – it has also launched a whole range of its own sportsbooks and online casinos, with BetStorm being just one of the latest examples. Finally, like its parent company, BetStorm has its headquarters in tax-friendly Malta. 

Bottom Line

If you’ve used any ProgressPlay brands before, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from the BetStorm mobile website. If not, you’re essentially getting a solid all-round sportsbook here, but not one which will blow you away in any particular area. 

BetStorm certainly does have its strong points. The range of betting markets is absolutely fantastic, not just for football, but for the likes of eSports, tennis, and basketball as well. The in-play betting tools are also excellent, giving you fair odds on live action, and letting you both place and cash out live wagers extremely quickly. Add in a good selection of payment options, and strong customer support, and there’s plenty to like here.

On the flip-side, there are definitely certain weak points which hold BetStorm back. The complete lack of a mobile app is one of the most obvious, and premium features like live streaming are also missing. There are also a few annoying quirks, like the inclusion of a small withdrawal fee. 

Overall, BetStorm is a promising young mobile sportsbook, with plenty of room to grow. Even in its current state though, there’s enough to justify triggering the ‘Bet £10, Get a £10 Free Bet’ welcome offer, and taking this platform out for a spin. 


What is BetStorm?

A brand-new mobile sportsbook, which was only launched in 2021. It’s owned and operated by ProgressPlay, however, who have plenty of experience in the industry.

Is there a BetStorm mobile app available?

Not at the time of writing, no. Instead, you will need to use the mobile version of the main website, which – while hardly spectacular – is still solid. 

What sports can I bet on here?

There are over 20 different sports available to bet on. These include everything from football, horse racing, and eSports, to volleyball and chess. 

Can I place live wagers?

Absolutely. BetStorm’s live betting features are one of its strong points, with the tools for both placing and cashing out live wagers being quick and easy to use. 

What special offers can I get?

There are plenty available. New customers can get a £10 free bet, while there are a whole range of ongoing promotions available to existing users. 

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