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Do you already have a Betfred account, or do you want to open one? In either case, you must establish whether they offer the Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) for your betting. Is it conceivable that you have no idea what that means? Betfred Best Odds Guaranteed product gives clients the best of both worlds by offering the prospect of a larger payback if the starting price is higher while simultaneously providing full protection if the starting price falls.

Best Odds Guaranteed, abbreviated as Betfred BOG, is a feature that many online bookmakers have incorporated in recent years. It allows customers to earn better odds on any wager they place before the event, as long as the starting price is higher than the odds at which they initially placed the bet.

If you take a price on a horse and the starting price (SP) is higher, Betfred will pay you out at the higher odds, even if the SP is lower. This is known as the Best Odds Guaranteed feature. For example, if you place a bet on a horse with odds of 20/1, but the SP is 25/1, you will be paid out at the higher price of 25/1 because that is what the odds were when you placed the bet. In addition to providing the Best Guaranteed Odds, Betfred will reimburse your money as a free bet of up to ten pounds if your horse finishes second.

The Betfred best odds guaranteed in shops is available to both new and existing customers. Bets placed after 08:00 on race day are eligible for the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion. Best Odds Guaranteed will be applied to qualified wagers anytime the SP exceeds the price accepted when the bet was placed. Bets placed on highlighted Super Extra Place Races in the race book will not contribute toward the offer’s win or each way prizes.

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About The Offer

Betfred best odds guaranteed

Offer Summary

Offer type: Betfred best odds guaranteed is only applicable to UK & Irish horse racing on the day of race markets from 8:00 a.m.

Terms And Conditions

Betfred best odds guaranteed terms

Remember that if you register an account with any of the Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers, you must first read all the terms and conditions of their sign up offers to avoid being disappointed. The official statement from Betfred on their terms and conditions stating the Betfred best odds guaranteed rules is as follows:

How To Claim The Offer

After 8 a.m. on the day of the event, book a horse at Betfred for any race hosted in the United Kingdom or Ireland. (This regulation does not apply to bets on the Lucky 15, Lucky 31, or Lucky 63.) If the starting price of your pick is less than the price taken when you placed your bet, you will be paid out at a price taken when you placed your bet. If the starting price of the item you choose is higher than the final price, you will be paid at the higher price.

Here’s how to use Betfred’s Best Odds Guaranteed promotion:

  1. Visit and log in to your account.
  2. You should continue to place your bets regularly.
  3. If your horse starts at a higher price, Betfred will compensate you for the greater odds by paying out at the higher price.

Our Opinion

Best Odds Guaranteed is something we expect from all of the best horse racing betting companies, so it’s excellent to see Betfred offer this to existing and new customers in the UK and Irish horse racing. In many ways, we expect Greatest Odds Guaranteed from all of the best horse racing betting sites. This means you’ll be able to take advantage of Betfred’s competitive rates.

You may save money by investigating what Cheltenham and the Grand National have to offer and taking advantage of these discounts! The terms and conditions that they offer for wagering on horse racing are standard in the industry. Furthermore, they offer it in select international races, an advantage many other firms do not offer. Before you place a bet, you must check with the cashier to see if the Betfred store has the best guaranteed odds.

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