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Avabet Review (January 2023)

When looking to create a new betting account, it’s always tempting to go with the oldest, best-known brands. This approach certainly has its merits, but so does opting for a newer bookie instead. These sportsbooks often provide more enticing special offers, slicker interfaces, more innovative features, and more. 

In this comprehensive review, we find one of the newest additions to the British betting scene – Avabet. Read on to discover whether it does hit the checkmarks listed above, and learn everything you need to know about Avabet’s promotions, markets, special features, and more.

Avabet New Sign Up Offer 

As noted above, newer brands often feature the most intriguing and enticing promotions. This is done, naturally, to try and attract new customers to a relatively unknown brand, and the sign up offer is the most important deal of all in this respect. 

Avabet does indeed have a sign up bonus in place, as you’d expect, which is simply called ‘Welcome Offer’. At first glance, it looks like a ‘Bet X, Get Y’, one of the most popular new customer betting offers, particularly since the text on the offer’s page reads ‘Claim a free £10 free bet’ in big letters. In reality though, it’s a £10 money back offer, which has simply been poorly explained. 

Like all such deals, Avabet’s sign up offer basically insures your first wager. You’ll deposit and bet £10, and – if that £10 wins – you’ll collect your winnings as normal. If it loses, however, you’ll be given a £10 free bet instead.

Like all such offers, it’s crucial that you read through the T&Cs here in full. To help you along though, here’s a list of the most important ones

This isn’t a bad welcome offer, by any means. The minimum odds for your qualifying wager are fair, you’re given an industry-standard seven days in which to use your free bet, and the £1,000 cap on your winnings is generous. It’s not large enough in scale, however, to tempt most punters into signing up for Avabet just so they can claim this deal, and the inclusion of minimum odds when using your free bet is a little annoying. 

Avabet Mobile App

Avabet is a relatively fresh addition to the UK’s betting scene, having only launched in May 2021. And, as with most newer brands, it does not yet have a downloadable mobile app in place. 

This continues to be a source of confusion and frustration for us, with so many software developers out there willing and able to craft excellent mobile apps. Avabet simply hasn’t chosen to use them here, however, meaning that you’ll be completely reliant on the mobile version of its main website. 

That’s not the worst thing in the world, by any means. Functionally, the Avabet mobile site performs extremely well. All of the pages loaded quickly during our exploration of the platform, and we experienced no crashing whatsoever. This kind of stability shouldn’t be overlooked, since it can mean the difference between getting a bet down, and losing the opportunity forever. 

In terms of the layout, that’s also solid here. It’s not as streamlined as the biggest premium betting apps out there, but is certainly good enough to get the job done. The system of menus – while admittedly a little more convoluted than necessary – still lets you reach all the most important sections easily enough. Meanwhile, the simplistic colour scheme might look a little drab at first glance, but makes it very easy to see both text and odds on a smaller screen. 

Other Avabet Apps

Like almost all betting brands nowadays, Avabet didn’t simply stop with its sports markets. Instead, it also launched a fully-featured online casino along with its mobile sportsbook. 

As with the sportsbook, however, there’s no downloadable app for the Avabet casino. Instead you’ll need to use the mobile website, which generally possesses the same strengths and weaknesses as the sports area. 

Advantages of Avabet Betting App

Like all betting apps, Avabet has both its strong and weak points. We’ve already touched upon a couple of examples of the latter, and we’ll highlight more throughout the course of this balanced review. For now though, let’s stay positive and focus on the areas in which Avabet truly excels. 

Flexible Interface

We’ll say up front that the Avabet mobile site isn’t going to win any awards for good looks. With that said, this is a classic case of substance triumphing over style. Avabet’s developers clearly haven’t bothered with flashy graphics or eye-catching colour schemes, focusing all their attention on simply providing a usable, intuitive interface instead. 

This approach has definitely paid off. While the interface isn’t the most streamlined we’ve seen, in terms of sheer usability it’s fantastic. In particular, there’s a degree of customisation and flexibility here which is rare. 

Most notably, instead of simply seeing all the markets for a particular sport at once, you can choose exactly what you’re shown on your bespoke interface. You can select up to 10 competitions, across a variety of different sports if you so desire, then add or remove competitions as you see fit. The inclusion of a Favourites tool, which lets you save your most important markets for easy access, also helps to make the experience even more personalised. 

Range of Sports Markets

We’ll get stuck into the specifics of Avabet’s market selection shortly. For now, just know that you’re unlikely to run out of options here in a hurry. While not every base is covered, with horse racing being a notable absence, there’s still plenty to keep you entertained here over the long haul. 

In total, the Avabet mobile site houses well over 30 individual sports, which is impressive in anyone’s book. These range from the usual big-hitters, like football, to newer markets like eSports, to less-heralded fare like hurling and pesapallo. In short, whatever your betting tastes, Avabet probably has you covered. 

Choice of Payment Options

Nobody likes to be overly-limited when it comes to their payment options, and we’re pleased to say that you’re given a nice amount of choice on Avabet mobile. These go beyond the most traditional methods – namely debit card and bank transfer – to also include a solid selection of eWallets. 

In addition, the processing of payments is both quick and safe. The payment providers used are respectable, Avabet also has its own security measures in place, and withdrawals are relatively quick compared to most of Avabet’s competitors. 

Safer Gambling Focus

Nowadays, licensed betting sites across the UK are required to abide by various guidelines. These include the provision of self-exclusion tools, deposit limits, and so on. 

Some bookies make the effort to go above and beyond these basic requirements though, and this is definitely the case with Avabet. Within the mobile site, you’ll see that a big section has been given over to ‘Safer Gambling’, and this is placed very prominently within the navigation. By taking a quick look at this, you’ll soon see not only the clear commitment Avabet makes to responsible gambling, but also the specific ways they go about helping addictive gamblers. 

Quality Customer Service

It seems logical to assume that bigger betting apps will provide better customer service. Often, however, this isn’t actually the case. In fact, either because they’re more eager to make a good impression, or because they simply have fewer customers to deal with, newer apps frequently excel in this area. 

This is another trend which Avabet certainly follows. Its customer service options might not be exhaustive, but – most importantly – live chat is among them. During our testing, we also found the customer service team to be helpful, and quick to respond to our queries. 

Avabet Betting Features

It’s another common stereotype about newer betting apps that they’ll lack the features of older, bigger options. Unfortunately, this is indeed the case with Avabet too. The cupboard isn’t exactly bare here, but you certainly couldn’t describe this app as feature-packed, with the likes of live streaming and a bet builder both lacking. That said, there are still a few tools you can benefit from, with these being the most notable. 

In-Play Wagers

The rise of in-play has unquestionably been one of the biggest developments in betting technology. Nowadays, punters expect to be able to wager on live events wherever and whenever they please, and wherever the event itself is taking place. 

This is one area in which Avabet truly excels. The in-play section is easily accessible, and neatly split by sport and competition, so you can see all the ongoing action at a glance. When you see a wager you like, actually getting your bet down is extremely quick and easy, allowing you to captialise on a good price before it disappears. 

Cash Out

Of course, the placement of in-play wagers is just one half of the live betting equation on current apps. The modern-day punter also expects to be able to cash out those wagers whenever it is realistically possible, either to bail on a bet going wrong, or to lock in some early profit. 

Again, Avabet absolutely comes up trumps here. Checking out your live wagers while you’re logged into the app is an absolute cinch, and those eligible for cash out are clearly marked.  During our testing, we also found the prices offered to be a fair reflection of the current state of play, and the tool itself to be very responsive indeed. 

Information and Statistics

As noted, the Avabet app does lack live streaming, which is obviously disappointing. The developers have attempted to make up for these, however, in a couple of good ways. 

Firstly, even if you can’t actually watch the games, a visualisation tool is provided for free. This does a nice job of keeping you up to date with the latest goings-on, alerting you – with football, for example – to attacks, goals, and so on. It’s certainly no replacement for streaming, but it still helps to give you a feel for the game. 

Elsewhere, you’re also provided with a nice little selection of statistics within the Avabet app. If we take football as our example again, you’ll find stats for corners, cards, penalties and more. Admittedly, these statistics aren’t the most detailed around, but can still inform your live picks. 

Virtual Sports

Thanks to the aforementioned enormous range of betting markets, you should never be too far from a betting opportunity on the Avabet app. If this ever is the case, however, or you’re simply looking to try something new, we’d recommend heading to the virtual sports section. 

Do so, and you’ll get immediate access to a 24/7 selection of potential wagers spread across football, horse racing, tennis, greyhound racing, and more. These titles are provided by BetConstruct and Leap Gaming, both of whom have strong reputations within the industry. The quality is unsurprisingly excellent, and you’re given a solid selection of bet types to choose between. 

Betting Calendar

If you’re a committed bettor who likes to mix it up with a few different markets, you’ll already have found that the action basically never stops. Keeping up with all of this can be tricky and time-consuming, but – once again – the Avabet app steps up to the plate here. 

Head to the Sports section of the Avabet mobile site, and you can easily find the excellent Calendar tool. This shows all of the upcoming events in the next few days, and can be filtered to show whatever sports you please. Not only that, but – when you have used this filter – you can see the 1/X/2 odds for all the matchups at a glance. 

Avabet Markets

Betting apps can have all the fancy features, eye-catching special offers, and flashy graphics they like. Ultimately though, deciding whether or not you want to stick with an app long-term usually comes down to one key measure – its betting markets. After all, if your needs for your favourite sports aren’t being sufficiently met, or you’ve quickly run out of new markets to try, you’re going to be looking for a new app in a hurry. 

The chances of this happening with the Avabet app are low, to say the least. There are literally dozens of different sports covered here, meaning you’d have to work very hard indeed to exhaust all of your options. The vast majority of these are covered both pre-match and in-play, and many feature long-term outright markets too. 

While some sports have clearly been prioritised over others, Avabet has still done a nice job providing for a broad cross-section of bettors. Horse racing is unfortunately absent, but fans of just about every other high-level sport will be satisfied with the offering here. 


As the biggest betting sport in the UK by a wide margin, it’s no surprise to see that Avabet has made football its number one priority. Even compared to the very top apps around, the football section here is impressive. 

For starters, the competition coverage is genuinely worldwide, and this applies to international, continental, and domestic fare. Naturally the likes of World Cup Qualifiers, Premier League matchups, and Champions League clashes are all covered. There’s also plenty of love for less prestigious contests, however, from the Costa Rican Primera Division to the Norwegian Eliteserien. 

The depth of the football coverage within the Avabet app is also excellent. Even less-heralded matchups still feature dozens of individual betting opportunities. The likes of Match Result and Double Chance are obvious inclusions, but you can also place various Over/Unders or Handicaps, wager half-by-half, and more.


eSports is definitely one of the fastest-growing markets around. We were extremely happy, therefore, to see that Avabet has given it the respect it deserves within its mobile website. 

Six of the biggest games around are covered at the time of writing, including CS:GO, Dota 2, and LoL. As with football, that coverage is extremely broad, with all manner of league and cup competitions – both large and small – being available to bet on. The variety of bet types is impressive here too, with both Match and map-by-map options in place, and the live betting markets are also excellent. 


While it doesn’t get the attention of football, and doesn’t have the current buzz of eSports, tennis is still a hugely-important market. This is due both to its sizable fanbase, and the year-round nature of its matchups. 

Avabet does a great job of keeping up with this enormous volume of action. Naturally the four slams – the Australian, French, and US Opens, plus Wimbledon – are covered, and these can be bet on months in advance via outright wagers, or on a match-by-match basis once they’ve begun. There’s also a constant stream of both men’s and women’s tour events though, from all around the world, which are invariably available to be wagered on as the action is taking place. 


In addition to the three major markets mentioned above, Avabet also lets you wager on a wide variety of other sports. Most notably for British punters, these include classic markets like cricket, rugby, and golf. The likes of motorsports, boxing, and MMA are also in place, as are darts, snooker, and the four major North American sports of basketball, American Football, ice hockey, and baseball. If all of that wasn’t enough, you can also bet on niche markets like futsal, or even non-sporting events like politics and chess. 

Avabet Ongoing Promotions

Generally speaking, we’ve stayed pretty positive so far throughout this Avabet app review. In this case, however, there’s absolutely nothing good to report. 

In our opinion, betting apps should not only provide the usual enticing welcome offers. They should also offer ongoing promotions to their existing customers, both in an effort to keep them coming back, and to reward their continuing loyalty for doing so. This is the case for both new and old brands alike. 

To say that the Avabet app disappoints in this respect would be a massive understatement. After you’ve finished with the £10 welcome offer, you will find literally no other promotions whatsoever waiting for you. They do seem to have been provided in the past, with the About Us page mentioning ‘free bet offers, acca insurance deals, and free spins’, but they’re not there any more!

Considering the care and professionalism which has been shown throughout the rest of the platform, this is confusing to say the least. That’s particularly true when you consider that it’s not exactly rocket science to implement the likes of Best Odds Guaranteed deals or Odds Boosts, never mind the more complicated offers which many of Avabet’s competitors have in place. 

The lack of ongoing promotions is arguably Avabet’s biggest shortcomings right now. If it’s serious about challenging both bigger and smaller apps alike, this is an area which simply must be addressed. 

Avabet Deposit Options and Banking

After the disappointment of Avabet’s non-existent promotions, we’re pleased to say that things get back on track when you take a look at their payment methods. It’s not the biggest selection around, particularly compared to ‘offshore’ brands, but is competitive with those provided by Avabet’s competitors. 

Both debit card and bank transfer are present and correct, as you’d expect, and you’ll need to pick one of these if you want to use the welcome offer. Elsewhere, Avabet provides you with a nice little range of eWallets to choose between, including Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. Paysafecard is a slightly strange omission, meaning there are no prepaid card options, but – aside from that – this is a respectable selection. 

Elsewhere, we’re pleased to say that Avabet also impresses when it comes to withdrawals. No fees are charged for making them, and they’re handled fairly quickly, with most payments being processed within 2-3 days. Finally, the minimum amount for deposits is unusually low, being set at £5 (depending on the method), making this a suitable option for the more casual punters among you. 

Avabet Deposit Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Limits (£)
Visa/Mastercard 0% Instant £10
PayPal 0% Instant £5
Trustly (Bank Transfer) 0% Instant £5
Skrill 0% Instant £5
Neteller 0% Instant £5
MuchBetter 0% Instant £10
EcoPayz 0% Instant £10

Avabet Withdrawal Methods

Payment Option Fee Time Min. Withdrawal (£)
Visa/Mastercard 0% 2-3 days £10
PayPal 0% 2-3 days £10
Trustly (Bank Transfer) 0% 2-3 days £10
MuchBetter 0% 2-3 days £10
Neteller 0% 2-3 days £10
Skrill 0% 2-3 days £10
EcoPayz 0% 2-3 days £10

Customer Support

Use a betting app for long enough, and either something will go wrong, or you’ll encounter a problem that you can’t fix alone. That’s perfectly natural, but it’s still important that you can get help with these issues as fast as possible. 

As touched upon earlier, this is a key area in which Avabet excels. Admittedly the app doesn’t have the widest range of contact methods, with live chat being the only direct option, and email being the single indirect route. You’ll quickly find, however, that this pair of choices are enough. The test enquiry we sent via live chat for this review was answered very quickly indeed, and in a friendly and helpful manner.  

Less impressive is the FAQ section, which is ‘slim’ to put it kindly. There are barely 10 entries at the time of writing, meaning that the vast majority of topics are not addressed here. That being said, the provision of live chat means this isn’t really an issue.  

Security and Safety

It goes without saying that – when both your personal information and money are on the line – you want to feel as if each is being protected. That’s certainly the case with Avabet, which provides peace of mind in both respects. 

The aforementioned ‘Safer Gambling’ section covers player safety. Avabet clarifies that they provide security measures themselves, and enlist third-party companies to aid them in this area, all in an effort to protect your data and funds. 

Aside from that, Avabet doesn’t go into too many details about the protection in place on its app. This is actually fairly standard practice in the betting industry though, and any lingering concerns about the brand’s legitimacy are put to rest by its licensing. Specifically, the Avabet app is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, arguably the most prestigious regulatory body around. Brands must pass a series of strict tests to achieve this license, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Avabet. 

About Avabet

As noted, Avabet itself is an extremely young sportsbook, having only launched in May 2021. That being said, there’s actually plenty of experience behind this brand, which comes courtesy of its operating company Vivaro Limited. 

Vivaro has been around since 2003, and – in the past two decades or so – has built an excellent reputation for itself. Much of this has happened behind the scenes, with Vivaro reportedly working on platforms for other brands like Betbull, Mr Play, Betiton, and more. Perhaps most notably, it also owns and runs VBET, which is a very well-regarded sportsbook indeed.

Bottom Line

Generally speaking, we enjoyed our time with the Avabet app. It’s simply indisputable, however, that – if this brand wants to reach the next level – it needs to make a few big changes. 

The most notable of those is definitely the lack of ongoing promotions. Our research suggests that these were in place in the past, but – right now – there are no deals whatsoever for existing customers. We’d also like to see a couple more payment methods added, the FAQ section being fleshed out, and horse racing markets provided. The inclusion of premium features like live streaming would also help to give this young brand a great kick-start.

Even in its current state, though, there’s plenty to like about the Avabet app. Over 30 different sports are already available to wager on, with both pre-match and in-play coverage being excellent. The interface is exceptionally flexible, the customer service team is friendly and helpful, and the entire mobile platform is speedy and stable. 

To sum up, Avabet isn’t quite at the top level yet, compared to either the younger or older brands around it. Based on the existing quality, however, and the impressive track record of its operating company, we’ve got very high hopes indeed for this brand. As such, we can already recommend claiming your £10 money back  offer, and keeping a close eye on this promising app over the coming weeks and months. 


Is there a downloadable Avabet mobile app?

Not at the time of writing, no. The mobile version of the main website is very good though, being fast and easy to use from the first time you log on. 

What is the welcome offer for new customers?

In exchange for signing up, Avabet provides newcomers with a money back up to £10 if the first bet loses. Full terms and conditions do apply, which we’ve explained earlier in this article. 

How long will it take to get my winnings?

The Avabet app actually provides fairly speedy withdrawals. Payments will usually go through within 2-3 days, although the payment provider might delay the process. 

Is Avabet legit?

Absolutely. Avabet has a license with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, meaning it abides by best practices for security and fairness. Its parent company, Vivaro, also has a track record going back to 2003. 

Does the Avabet app have live streaming?

Unfortunately not. A visualisation tool is available for ongoing matchups though, and Avabet also provides punters with constantly-updated live statistics. 

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