Betfair, a name that will for sure ring a bell amongst punters and even just your average Joe seeing that Betfair are a massive company that millions of people recognize.

Betfair’s app (we’ll be covering just Betfair Sportsbook app) is fairly good for what you’d expect from a company in their size. Betfair is a bookie that has been around for nearly 20 years now and has made huge strides in building their reputation and overall stature and now boast as one of the biggest bookies to this day. We invite you, fellow readers, to examine what contributes to the success of Betfair mobile app and site and evaluate them as a bookie!

New Customer Bonus

When it comes to new customer bonuses this is something that punters are super privileged in and should take full advantage of. Of course, we have seen a huge rise in a number of good bookies in recent years and one of the many ways that bookies compete with each other to attract customers is new customer bonuses. These are basically bonuses that you get if you are new and sign up for the site.

Betfair has multiple bonuses and they change pretty regularly, however, their main bonus is as follows:

  • They will 100% match your initial deposit for any amount
  • Important terms:
    • This is up to 75£
    •  Deposit a minimum of 10£

Overall this isn’t too shabby, why would you deposit less for such a deal?

You can read more about their sign up bonuses on their website’s homepage.


Just like the new customer sign up bonuses mentioned above, regular promotions are another way in which bookies compete with each other to keep customers satisfied and to attract new customers, so yet again a great bonus all punters should look out for and take advantage of. These promotions change a lot more than the new customer sign up bonus which tends to stay the same for quite a while for most bookies. You in most scenarios will also be offered special promotions in certain bookies if a big event or matchup is coming up to encourage you to bet on their site.

Betfair offers some great promotions such as double odds on winning goalscorer which is the current promotion floating around as well as a few others. It’s handy to visit the promotions page often to catch the best of the bunch.

Mobile App

Mobile apps are something that has been on a huge rise the past few years and there rise keeps on going! This is for a very good reason as it is simply so convenient and comfortable to be able to be within the comfort of your home. Mobile apps also pack a lot of features these days that separate them from each other.

Betfair Android and iPhone apps are pretty great. Of course you can’t download the app from the Play Store or App Store, you need to navigate to their website and download it from there. The Betfair app is one that we are a fan of. The app is slightly confusing to navigate however that is the case with most of the bookie apps, mainly due to the fact that they have to pack so many markets and betting options into a small display which is challenging.

Apart from that we do not have many complaints for the app and it does all as described, truly worth looking into Betfair if mobile betting is something you are considering.

Betfair Markets

When it comes to the markets offered by Betfair you really are not left with wanting much else. They have pretty much any sport you could ever think of betting on listed, as well as casino games and even virtual sports if you are into that.

On top of the many markets offered, the betting options offered on these markets are once again really extensive to suit every punter needs. This gives the punter the ease of accessibility which is great if you wish to bet on multiple markets.

About Betfair

Betfair, a company originated in 1999 who currently host their headquarters in London. The company was founded by two British entrepreneurs and as we know today, the company has become a massive success worldwide. The company boasts over 4 million users registered on the website which is truly impressive. Betfair has earned large reputation in the betting community due to their long presence and fairness showed to their customers. Betfair currently operates under a Gibraltar gambling license.

Betfair Bottom Line

Betfair is truly a bookie that you can put your trust into. They have passed the test of time and are continuously growing rapidly both user wise and overall features and quality wise. There are not many things that Betfair does wrong, however, there for sure are many that they perfect.

Betfair is definitely an option that both newcomers and experienced punters should look into.