NBA Top Shot – The Ultimate Guide

What exactly is NBA Top Shot and how do you get involved in this brave new world? That’s what we’re here for. This article investigates the virtual trading cards that have exploded onto the market. We’ll tell you how to get started as well as how to showcase your collection, buy the cards your heart desired and sell others to the highest bidder.
Welcome to the age of NBA Top Shot.


Last Updated: 01/02/2021

✅ NBA Top Shot is available to all users globally and in the UK.

NBA Top Shot

Sports fans of all ages across the world love collectibles. Be it NBA card, English Premier League soccer stickers or heavyweight boxing memorabilia. It’s a fascination that, for many, starts in their youth and grows relentlessly into adulthood.
Collecting cards and stickers all seems a bit dated, doesn’t it? It’s surprising someone hasn’t come up with a more modern way to buy/sell your favourite collectibles, isn’t it? Well, now they have. Collectibles just crashed onto the 21st century thanks to NBA Top Shot.

NBA Top Shot

How Does NBA Top Shot Work?

NBA Top Shot Pack Drops

We’ll start with what, for many collectors, is the most important feature of NBA Top Shot. Pack Drops are scheduled to release the latest and most anticipated packs. This is when the scramble to purchase new packs begins with collectors accessing the NBA Top Shot website or mobile site in an attempt to get the hottest new cards.

Will you get the card you’ve been looking for in the next pack drop? It’s an exciting time for followers as the future of their collection hangs in the balance. In the next pack drop you could get that player card you’ve been desperate for or you could get lucky and uncover one of the more valuable virtual cards that can be sold for a huge profit to a fellow collector. It’s the unknown of card collecting with a very modern twist.

Pack drop times vary but announcements will be made so keep your eye out and make sure you don’t miss. You can signup to the NBA Top Shot email list for announcements on the next scheduled pack drop or follow on your favourite social media field. That way you’ll never miss a drop. If you are after a particular pack, you can check out the Marketplace where virtual cards are sold by other collectors. This is always accessible.

The limited edition packs are released once in a while and these are the drops you should be hunting down. In these packs a unique NBA moment in history becomes available and you can own it. Examples of limited edition packs are circus shots and rookie debuts. Some of the most expensive cards include Ja Morant dunk 2019, Lebron James dunk 2019 and Luka Doncic dunk 2020. These cards can reach $100000.

There is a limited number of ever pack drop with all previous drops now sold out. Future drops will be announced, or you can purchase past drops on the marketplace.

Top Shot Peer to Peer Marketplace

We have already mentioned the marketplace and you may be wondering what this is all about. In this section of our NBA Top Shot review we explain how the marketplace works in a bit more detail. Did you miss a pack drop you just had to be part of? Are you on the hunt for your favourite moment in NBA history? Perhaps a rookie moment is close to your heart and you are confident the value of that virtual card will rise significantly over the years. The marketplace is for you.

If you don’t want to buy a complete pack, you can visit the marketplace tab on the NBA Top Shot site and buy or trade. The great thing about the NBA Top Shot marketplace is it has something for everyone, from a card you have missed to the most valuable and it’s user-friendly.

When looking to purchase a card you should click the NBA Top Shot marketplace tab and then begin your search. Filter by release date, serial number, price, or game date. There’s also a handy search bar that allows you to type in a player, team or set.

When you have found the card you have been after you will see the asking price. Click that then it’s a simple case of hitting the buy button. Make the payment and you are now the proud owner of this new card. It’s hassle-free and just as easy to list your unwanted card for sale to another collector. The cash paid or owed to you will be transferred to your chosen card.
You should be aware that packs are only sold for the ongoing season and for a limited time. After packs are sold out the only place to purchase is through the peer to peer marketplace.

NBA Top Shot Marketplace

NBA Top Shot Challenges

As well as the excitement of collecting, buying, and selling NBA Top Shots there is the added incentive of some thrilling challenges. These are open to all collectors and give an added competitiveness to the play. Prove you are the best in the business as you climb the ranks and tick off the various challenges put to you, just like an NBA all-star.
What is a challenge? When taking on a challenge you are tasked with collecting as many different types as possible of virtual moments in a pre-determined amount of time. You have to be fast here as you’ll be buying, selling, searching and collecting. It’s fast, furious and lots of fun. In a standard NBA Top Shots challenge you will have to collect around 10 moments in a two week period. When you have the required number of moments it’s a case of defending what you have until the time is up and you win.

Visit the challenges page for an updated list of the challenges currently in progress and if you are in the running, you’ll see your progress. There are details of the moments you need so be sure to get the correct one or it won’t count towards your final score. What’s up for grabs? If you complete a challenge you will receive your prize, and this will usually be the rarest collectibles in the set you have been working on. Challenges is great fun but it’s also a shortcut to getting those rare virtual cards you have been searching for. What’s more, there’s no need to pay the big bucks to get it on the marketplace.

Visit the challenges page today to see what the current state of play is. There is usually at least a couple of challenges in progress and you can throw your hat into the ring and join at any stage of play. Think you’ve got what it takes to play with the big boys of NBA Top Shot? Let’s see it.

NBA Top Shot Challenges

Most Valuable Highlights at NBA Top Shot

Highlights are big news in the world of NBA Top Shot with highlight packs ranging in price from around $9 to more than $230. The price of the packs is dependent on the quality of the highlight, the player featured, expected popularity and how long the highlight will be available.These highlights are available only for a limited time and NBA Top Shot players know this so there’s usually a scramble to get the best. Each individual NBA Top Shot video card is assigned a value due to its scarcity being secured by a blockchain knows as Flow.

Followers of NBA Top Shot have plenty of affordable packs to collect but we are already seeing prices of the rarest and most sought-after highlights going for big money. For example, it was recently reported on site that a LeBron James highlight pulled in a staggering price of $71,000. That is a major outlay for the buyer, but they will be confident the card’s value will grow and the added attention brought by the sale will only help their cause. The prices continue to go up and up. When visiting the NBA Top Shot site you will find a Ja Morant highlight card trading for around $100,000. The digital highlight card features Morant dunking Aron Baynes during the season he claimed the Rookie of the Year prize.

Visit the marketplace for an updated list of the cards for sale. You can sort by price to find the most valuable. Even if you aren’t looking to spend big on highlight cards, it does make for interesting viewing, seeing how far some collectors are willing to go to secure their little piece of history. Due to the competitive nature of collecting NBA Top Shot cards and adding them to your encrypted, secure highlights wallet, it’s important to set yourself a spend limit and stick to it. Search for the highlight cards you want to own but stick to a sensible budget when playing.

NBA Top Shot Showcase

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain is the heart and soul of NBA Top Shot and the reason it is levels above the competition. The blockchain app is available to NBA Top Shot members across the globe today. What is blockchain and how does it work?

It may sound like tech talk or jargon but it’s quite easy to understand when broken down. In its simplest form, blockchain technology is used to build a public and open ledger system that is secure and permanent. In other words, blockchain technology is perfect for NBA Top Shot in buying, selling, and trading highlights cards. Blockchain technology allows you to purchase highlights cards or packs and when your payment is made the card becomes your property. It’s stored in your personal online wallet which is encrypted and protected. This allows you to enjoy NBA Top Shot with complete peace of mind, knowing your collecting is safe and your investments are looked after.

What differentiates the NBA Top Shot app from others on the market is the peer-to-peer marketplace which allows members to trade, buy and sell for real money. All you need is to register your preferred method of payment to get started. It’s the modern way to collect and trade cards and it’s the best way to protect what you have.

Should I Invest in the NBA Top Shot Blockchain?

Many exerts are predicting now is the time to start investing in NBA Top Shot blockchain and there is growing numbers of players seeing this as a way to invest as well as own a piece of NBA history by collecting highlights.

Trading collectibles has become big business with NBA Top Shot allowing members to purchase virtual highlights cards in a pack or individually. Some cards are more common than others while there are some highlights that are scarce but in high demand. The former suits collectors and NBA fans while the latter, the big money highlights, is best for those looking to invest.
You can visit the marketplace and purchase one of the latest cards to be added to this list. That could be Derrick Rose assist 2020 for $65 or maybe Ivica Zubak dunk of 2020 for just $2. It’s completely up to you and you are in control of your spend and collection.

The reason NBA Top Shot is currently so attractive to investors is it’s official but still in its infancy. That gives you the chance to beat the crowd and act early to secure a valuable highlight card. Go for one of the more expensive ones that will gradually build in value or call on your love of NBA and pick a highlight of a player you expect to go on and become a legend of the sport. That foresight could see you buy cheap and sell for a mega profit in the future.

This is all extremely exciting stuff as it combines sports and investing. You don’t have to be working in the city wearing a sharp suit and forecasting numbers to profit from investments. Now you can do it from NBA basketball, using your skills to make trades. It’s even an excuse to watch more NBA basketball live on television, hunting the next big stock.
The values of NBA Top Shot moments are rising, and they are rising quickly as more people begin to show an interest. It’s predicted the values will continue to rise. But there are reasons to be cautious. Remember, this is investments in assets and the prices can go down as well as up.

These highlights are considered to be non-fungible tokens or NFTs. There are question marks over a piece of digital footage’s ability to retain its value long-term or even grow in value. Is it just the next fad or a new way of doing things? Part of the gamble here is working that out for yourself. Dapper Labs are the brains behind NBA Top Shot, and they have a history in the industry. They created Cryptokitties which had a stunning rise to fame before crashing. The values went up and up but then suddenly spun into freefall, never to recover. Many Cryptokitties were bought as a long-term investment but are now worth just a fraction of what they were at their prime.

Frequently Asked Questions About NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is a platform that allows members to own a piece of NBA history. Traditional trading cards are replaced by digital highlight videos. You can buy, sell, and trade ownership of these cards.

NBA Top Shot is completely legal, legit, and safe to play. All your highlights are kept in an encrypted online wallet and are your property.

To purchase NBA shot packs you should create an account on the NBA Shot Packs website or app and search for the latest pack release. You can buy packs or individual highlight cards on the peer-to-peer marketplace.

NBA Top Shot cards vary in price from a few dollars to thousands. The more sought-after the card the higher the value will be on the marketplace. You can purchase expensive cards in the hope they will increase in value or try to predict the next big stock. Buy low and sell high.

On the NBA Top Shot marketplace, you can filter by price. Some of the most expensive highlights currently available are Ja Morant dunk 2019 $100000, LeBron James dunk 2019 $99999 and Luka Doncic dunk 2020 at $90000.

To purchase an NBA Top Shot highlight you must have a registered online account. This takes just a few moments. Then search the marketplace for highlights that may be of interest to you. Search by player, age, or value.

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