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Get your bet on before the event starts, then wait patiently for the outcome. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Why not bet in-play? Whereas the bookmakers can hedge their bets in a static environment (e.g. the pre-event markets) there is much more room for bigger, and better, odds to be found in a live market where things are constantly changing within the event. The best thing is, that like with betting in general, you don’t have to stay indoors behind your computer. Yes, you can even take advantage of in-play betting on the go from your mobile device.

Below, we round up just a handful of the best apps for live betting

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Here, we will look at three well renowned bookmakers, and, just how good their in-play betting apps are.


☑️ App rating: 4.7/5
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First up is everyone’s favourite tongue-in-cheek bookmakers, Paddy Power app. It is bright and bold, but, it is also very easy to navigate through.

Upon opening the app, you are given a row of widgets at the top, the first of which is ‘In Play’. Brilliant for when you’re on the go, as you don’t have to scroll or navigate through pages before getting to the in-play markets.

Click this and you’ll be redirected to the landing page containing all of the in-play markets. Again, at the top you can find the sport you wish to pet in-play on, nice and simple to navigate through and get your bet on.

There are plenty of sub-markets within the sports, and, it is worth noting that they place a stack of cash on the markets which are applicable for cashing out. As well as these features which make getting to your desired in-play bet a doddle.

Paddy Power also have live streaming through their app which is accessible to bettors who place just £1 on the event they want to follow live.


☑️ App rating: 4.8/5
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Next up is William Hill app, the self-proclaimed ‘home of betting’. It may be the home of betting, but, the speed at which the app starts up can be frustrating. Especially if you’re on the move and are looking to get your in-play bet on as soon as possible.

Navigating through the pages to the in-play market is much smoother, and, much like the aforementioned Paddy Power app, William Hill give you the option of fast-tracking your way to the in-play market with their widgets mid-way through the screen.

Then, whether it is football, snooker, horse racing, tennis or golf – there will in-play markets available to you. You can get a plethora of sub-markets and they also clearly display those of which you are able to utilise their cash out feature on. These are clearly shown, with a little cash note with arrows surrounding it.

When it comes to live streaming via the William Hill app, it has you covered and then some. With live streaming as well as live text commentary and statistics available for some events – it is everything and more you could wish for when betting on the go, and, in-play.


bet365 logo
☑️ App rating: 4.7/5
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We finish with the bet365 app, when you open up the app, the in-play market is accessible from the header banner under ‘In-Play’. When you click this, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with the soccer in-play markets, covering football to badminton and greyhounds to horse racing.The interface is generally quite straightforward to use, however, especially while in the in-play market it can be almost too sensitive. In so much that you can be attempting to select a different market to place a bet in. It’s not often that an app is too sensitive, so if that gets tweaked in an upcoming update then it’ll be fine.The one thing which is slightly frustrating is finding out what bets are eligible for cash out, and, which aren’t. The previous two bookmakers clearly show you which bets you would be able to cash out with, whereas bet365 don’t. It is only after placing a bet that you can see whether cash out is applicable, via your bet slip. What is good though is that they offer partial and full cash out options, when it is available!They also have live streaming across a host of sporting markets, and, what’s great is that all you need to be able to utilise this service while you’re betting in-play is an active and funded bet365 account, marvellous. With that, there you have our round up of some of the big bookmaker’s live betting apps.


So, how does live in-play betting benefit you? Well, it gives you a much more equal playing field with the bookmaker. Pre-match markets are set up confidently by the bookies, with outcomes for a range of scenarios and markets catered for.

But, how can they effectively price up live football betting for, let’s say, a market on the number of corners from that point in the game. It’s hard to judge this as a market from their side, but, if you’re following the game and have a good knowledge of the game you can catch them out if they price it up invitingly.

It is these types of circumstances where there are big winnings to be made from in-game betting.


Cash out is a tool which can be utilised to great effect during in-running betting, as well as pre-event betting. It is especially useful for bettors if you’re happy to steer on the side of caution.

As an example, you put a £10 single on the in-play market on a horse who looks in a promising position mid-race. As the position of your selection gets better in the field, the odds available to you as a cash out will be better than the stake you placed, but, less than the price you’ll be paid out if it wins.

Sometimes the bookmakers will go higher in an attempt to get you to cash out in case the horse wins, other times, they’ll go low. It is up to you and your strategy of betting as to whether you accept a profit straight away, or, if you’d rather sit it out and risk not losing in favour of potentially reaping a bigger profit.


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As is widely known, football is the main market when it comes to in-play betting. It is easy to see why, when on William Hill’ s ‘popular’ tab they give you the option of 35 sub-markets. That, is separate from the in-play markets based around; goals, team goals, handicaps/total goals, half and period, goal time and in the next 5 mins.

With that in mind, you are able to place your in-play bet across numerous markets regardless of the size or stature of the game taking place (for arguments sake, the above was taken from William Hill on an international friendly between Bahrain and Syria!).

Although if is not a common trend, your bet could be made void if the game is abandoned or postponed. There are differing terms on this, but, it is not something you are likely to encounter on a common basis. Otherwise, there aren’t many restrictions on in-play betting other than the market is for the 90mins (plus, injury time) and does not include extra time or penalties.


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Due to the nature of the sports being completely different, to put it mildly, in-play betting on horse racing is not that similar to football in-play betting.

If there is one time you’ll want to have brilliant signal and 4G connection it’s if you’re betting in play on the horses. Why? Because a matter of seconds can make all the difference between you getting an astonishing set of odds, or not.
There are such nuances to horse racing aficionados that just don’t apply to other in-play markets.

For instance, an outsider horse you want to back may tend to start slowly then come on towards the tail end of the race. This, could well be reflected in greater odds than the starting price you could have got. The beauty of in-play betting with knowledge on horse racing, is that by the time the bookmakers cotton on to this horse, it’s too late, as those who know would have got their money on!

It’s not just backing winners though, you can also back a horse to place while in-play for example. At the end of the day, if you’re a fan of betting on the horses, but have yet to dip your toe into the in-play market, you simply must.


If football and horse racing just aren’t your thing and you don’t feel comfortable betting on them, let alone in-play, don’t you worry, as in-play covers a vast range of sports. Yes, if you prefer to put your money on sports such as; cricket, tennis, golf, basketball, NFL, volleyball, handball or badminton – the major bookmakers have you covered. All you need to do is simply scroll through the widget showing sports offering in-play betting on your chosen bookmaker’s app!

While these won’t have the vast collection of sub-markets attached to them as the main sports, there are still numerous avenues you can go down with your in-play betting. So, don’t feel that your knowledge of your chosen sport has to go to waste if it isn’t football or horse racing.


Remember, that In-play betting apps offer you the chance to bet on the go, while on the move, while your chosen sporting event is happening. Take advantage of this to get yourself better odds than you may normally find on the pre-event market, and make sure your knowledge and eye for a good bet help you beat the bookie with in-play betting on their app.

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