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Comprehensive Guide to Betting on the Indian Premier League

There’s a lot of debate regarding the origin of cricket but there’s no doubt that India is one of the countries dominating the sport. There are plenty of cricket leagues played in India and the country is also known globally for the sport. Among all of the leagues played in and by India, the IPL may be one of the most popular. IPL stands for Indian Premier League, and it is an annual tournament. Playing for the National Cricket team in India or even for a local club is a dream for many kids in India. But for the ones who grow up without achieving the dream, they can still bet on the sport and it’s just as exciting. Punters from other regions can bet on the sport as well. If you’re from the UK, for example, you can bet on the IPL on different international sports betting sites. And in this article, we’ll tell you all about it.

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About the IPL

Indian Premier League Logo

The IPL is also called the TATA IPL. This is because the TATA group replaced the IPL’s Chinese sponsors after the end of the 2020 season. The IPL is a franchise league that is also a part of the T20 in India. The tournament is a men’s tournament, and it has been played since 2007. The league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India, which is also currently the administrator of the league. The existing chairman of the IPL is Brijesh Patel. The IPL was even broadcast live on YouTube back in 2010 and it was the first sporting event to be broadcasted on the platform.

Towards the end of 2007, India won the T20 World Cup. And soon after, the BCCI announced the Indian Premier League. The competition is a franchise-based T20 cricket competition. There have been 15 seasons of the IPL played since the first season in 2008. The format of the tournament was originally a round-robin format. Now, it is played by 10 teams each season since getting rid of the round-robin format in 2011. 

In this stage of the competition, two virtual groups of 5 are introduced and the top 4 teams usually qualify for the playoffs. Afterwards, the top 2 qualifying teams compete with each other and the winner goes straight to the IPL final. The runner up gets the chance to play a second qualifying match to get a chance to play in the final. At the same time, the 3rd and 4th teams from the league phase play each other in an elimination round. The winner of that match battles it out with the 2nd place team to go straight to the IPL final. The winner of the IPL final wins a total of 20 crore Rupees.

Betting on the Indian Premier League 

Cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet on around the world. And the IPL is one of the most attended sporting events in India. Many sportsbooks around the world offer IPL betting and it is quite popular in the UK as well. So, in this section of our guide, we’ll tell you about all the types of markets you’ll find in the UK for IPL betting and where you can watch it.

There are a few betting markets that are quite popular for betting on the IPL. The ones we’ll mention today aren’t the only ones you’ll find. But these are the ones that most punters prefer to bet on.

Where to watch the Indian Premier League in the UK

As we mentioned earlier, the IPL is broadcast live on YouTube. So, if you’re a resident of the UK, you should be able to watch it on that platform. Other than that, Sky Sports has also managed to gain broadcast rights. Sky Sports actually has exclusive TV rights to broadcast the IPL in the United Kingdom. You should be able to watch it on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Cricket.

Betting Tips for the IPL 

If you’re in the UK, you might be thinking about where to bet on the IPL. In a later section, we’ll be telling you about the best sportsbooks to bet on the event. For now, we have a few Indian Premier League betting tips that you may want to consider when placing your bets. The very first tip is to do a lot of research. Odds can give insight when placing bets but the odds will always be in favour of the sportsbook.

You should also look at previous game stats and player performance. These can be the added edge you need to make the correct predictions. But these aren’t the only tips you should follow. We recommend that you do a lot more research before you decide to start IPL betting in the UK.

Indian Premier League Betting Offers

IPL offers are likely to be given out right before each edition of the tournament. And the IPL offers will probably be very exciting as well. The most common offers you might find at a sportsbook are probably free bets. These might be given out as a complement to other bonuses. You should be able to use your free bets in any of your sports bets including those for IPL betting. 

Betting welcome bonuses that are particular to a certain sporting event are rare. But they’re not absolutely out of the question. Some sportsbooks might offer a deposit match as a welcome bonus in regard to the event. Other very exciting bonuses include boosted odds. Since cricket is a team sport and India has many fantastic players in the scene, boosted odds are to be expected as an offer. 

There might be a lot of other creative bonuses offered once the tournament actually begins. These are just a few examples of what you can expect. As the next session of the competition draws near, sportsbooks will begin to advertise their IPL betting offers. And during that time, you can check them out at your own leisure.

Top 3 Bookmakers for Betting on the IPL 

Indian Premier League Betway

In this section, we’ll be highlighting our top sportsbooks where you can place your IPL bets. These aren’t exactly Indian Premier League betting sites, so you should be able to find plenty of other sports to bet on as well. Some of these sportsbooks even have IPL betting apps.

Betting on IPL with bet365

The name of this sportsbook is popular worldwide. The website is very appealing and the design attracts punters since it has a sporty theme. Punters love placing in-play bets on the IPL. And bet365 offers one of the best live betting features in the entire industry. The sportsbook also offers competitive odds and the fair prices are an even bigger incentive for new punters to sign up. The IPL betting markets at bet365 are quite extensive.

Another great feature of the sportsbook is the live streaming option. Live streaming isn’t available in all regions, but it should be available in the UK. And the IPL is one of the biggest sporting tournaments, so there’s a high chance it might be available to stream. So, overall bet365 is a great sportsbook and all the features are the reason we’ve picked it as one of the best IPL betting sites.

Betting on IPL with Parimatch

Parimatch is another great sportsbook that also has a mobile app. If you like fair prices and convenient betting, Parimatch is definitely the sportsbook for you. The sportsbook offers many other sports besides cricket for punters to bet on as well. Parimatch is a very reliable sportsbook since it has been around for so long. And it is operating in multiple regions around the world as well. 

The site also offers many IPL betting markets with great odds. The sportsbook actually promotes a lot of offers during the IPL as well. And we can expect there to be many of them for the next edition. Cricket betting is actually a focus of the sportsbook. So, as you can the operator has tons of features that act as an incentive for punters to sign up. And we would definitely say it is one of the best sportsbooks for IPL betting.

Betting on IPL with Betway

Betway may be the last of our IPL betting site picks, but it certainly isn’t the least. Punters can find plenty of sports betting markets including IPL markets that are very exciting. The odds are also quite competitive as well. Placing a bet on Betway is pretty simple as well. So, overall, this is another great sportsbook where you can go for IPL betting.

2023 IPL Predictions and Tips

With COVID-19 almost out of the way, the next edition of the IPL is set to take place in India. This edition of the tournament is the 16th and punters all over the world are very excited. This edition is seeing a total of 10 teams instead of 8. The two new additions to the competition are the Gujrat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants. This means that there are going to be a total of 74 matches for this edition of the Indian Premier League.

Below is the team list of the IPL 2023:

Among these 10 teams, we’re going to be seeing the top 4 heading to the preliminary qualifiers. There are plenty of sportsbooks that are already providing odds for the tournament. But these odds are likely to change by the time the actual tournament rolls around. And since the competition is still so far away, predicting a winner is nearly impossible.

Of course, we have our favourites for the tournament. The Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders are always in the running for champions. The two goliaths are expected to be captained by MS Dhoni and Sanju Samson for the 2023 IPL.

An expected change for this edition is the captain of the Mumbai Indians, another massive team. This time, the usual captain Rohit Sharma is heading the Indian national team. So, the responsibility to lead the Mumbai Indians is probably going to be given to Ishan Kishan. These are about all the predictions we can make for the next season of the IPL. These are just our speculations based on the players’ performances in past tournaments. 

2022 IPL Recap 

Indian Premier League 2022 Titans Champions

The 2022 edition of the IPL was quite an exciting one. The winner of that season was the Gujrat Titans. The Titans had actually also debuted in that season. The final match was between the Rajasthan Royals and the Gujrat Titans. The Royals decided to bat first but that ended up backfiring on them.

The leading scorer that season was Jos Buttler of the Rajasthan Royals. But he only scored a measly 39 runs in the final and the Royals ended up with a score of 130 runs at 9 wickets. Buttler still managed to win the Aramco Orange Cap that season.

The Titans had a slow start but their captain, Hardik Pandya, led by example, batting 34 runs. The seal was put on the Titan’s victory by Gill who scored an impressive 45 runs. The game ended with Gill scoring a 6 with 11 balls to spare. The Titans also finished the league at the top of the table. They won an impressive 20 points after 14 matches. 

The emerging player award was given to Umran Malik of Sunrisers Hyderabad. The season was full of twists and turns. The winner was a debutante from that season, which was quite impressive in itself. Although every single team gave a good fight, the Titans definitely deserved the win. Knowing about the previous year’s highlights might help you out with your 2023 IPL betting strategies.

10 last Winners of the Event 

2022 – Gujarat Titans

2021 – Chennai Super Kings

2020 – Mumbai Indians

2019 – Mumbai Indians

2018 – Chennai Super Kings

2017 – Mumbai Indians

2016 – Sunrisers Hyderabad

2015 – Mumbai Indians

2014 – Kolkata Knight Riders

2013 – Mumbai Indians


We’ll conclude our guide on the IPL with this short summary. The event is no doubt quite an impressive one and India has managed to gain the envy of the world with such fabulous teams. Residents of the UK really enjoy cricket as a sport and they enjoy betting on it even more. And that has made the IPL quite an exciting competition for them.

If you’re a punter in the UK betting on the IPL, we recommend you take a look at the sportsbooks we recommended. And always remember to do your own research before betting. 


We’ve added answers to some commonly asked questions about the IPL for our readers here.

Is IPL Betting Legal in the UK?

Yes, IPL betting is definitely legal in the UK. All you have to do is sign up with a licensed sportsbook. 

Was IPL Paused Due to COVID-19?

The IPL was postponed in 2021 after many players and staff members tested positive for the Coronavirus. But it was later resumed.

What is the Best Betting Strategy for IPL?

There isn’t a single strategy for IPL that can guarantee you a win. We recommend doing proper research and trusting your instincts. 

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