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Horse racing has long been a fascination for punters whether it’s betting at shops or online. And the November Meeting is not one to miss. The races are set to begin in November and British racers are as giddy as kids awaiting them. Although the Cheltenham November Meeting was a bust in the early years, the addition of more races has skyrocketed its popularity lately. The Cheltenham November Meeting can also be bet on as well.

If you’re interested in races, you can physically bet on the November Meeting at different betting shops in England. Plenty of bookies cover the event and a few of them even sponsor it. The exciting races are about to begin in just a bit, so we suggest you get your bets lined up soon.To know more about the Cheltenham November Meeting and how to bet on it, you can follow our guide. We’ll be covering a bit of the event’s history, past winners, and the best bookies to trust with your bets.

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About the Cheltenham November Meeting

Cheltenham November Meeting

The Cheltenham November Meeting 2022 is set to be held on 11th November on a Friday through 13th November on a Sunday. The three-day meeting is also called the “Home of Jump Racing.” The venue for the Cheltenham November Meeting is the Cheltenham Racecourse, which also annually hosts The Festival in March. The owners of the Cheltenham Racecourse, Jockey Club Racecourses, was also the originator of the November Meeting. Races were already happening at Cheltenham at the time. The Jockey Club decided to group together a few of them for a three-day extravaganza. The meeting was first started in the year 2000 to kick off the National Hunt races.

Back in the day, it was called the Cheltenham Open. But the authority changed it to the Cheltenham November Meeting in 2017 because the previous name clashed with other tournaments. The meeting was originally not as much of a hit as the organizers anticipated. But soon, with the addition of higher quality races, the Cheltenham November Meeting became the talk of the town.

Currently, there are around 19 races in the 3-day event. 6 are usually held on two of the three days and 7 are held on the remaining. If you’re planning on visiting Cheltenham yourself, you can expect three fun-packed days with lots of horses and other events. The meeting will start off on the 11th of this November with Countryside Day. 

This is a day filled with live music and races, two of which are handicapped. The second day is Paddy Power Day which hosts an exciting 7 races. The day also features the Paddy Power Gold Cup. And the races come to a stop on the third day, dubbed Family Fun Day. The day hosts 6 six races and other entertainment meant for families.

Betting on the November Race Meeting at Cheltenham

As you can probably imagine, betting on the November Race Meeting at Cheltenham is a bit different from your regular sports bets. Horse racing is a different game altogether than football or tennis. But horse racing is also one of the most popular sports in the UK to bet on. And Cheltenham November Meeting betting is even more hyped. The meeting has gained so much stardom that not many people miss out on the chance to bet on their favourite horses or jockeys.

The Cheltenham January 2023 dates are the 11th, 12th, and 13th of Friday. So, as you can guess, UK betting apps are up to their noses in odds. If you want to start betting on the Cheltenham races, we’d suggest getting familiarized with the popular bets first. There are also plenty of ways you can place your bets and strategies that you can follow. But there’s no need to worry too much as we’ll be covering all of that in this section of our Cheltenham November Meeting guide.

These are some of the most popular markets to bet on for the November Race Meeting at Cheltenham. Although there are many more markets, these are popular among both rookie and seasoned punters. 

Where to Watch the Cheltenham November Meeting

The best place to watch the Cheltenham races is from the stands at the Cheltenham Racecourse. But if you want to watch it from the comfort of your own home, you can watch it on ITV. ITV is expected to provide full coverage of all of the Cheltenham events until the very end. You can also follow races if you have accounts on online sportsbooks that provide a live streaming option.

How to Bet on the Cheltenham Races

Paddy Power Gold Cup Antepost

You can bet on the races either at a physical shop or at an online sportsbook. At a physical shop, there will be bookies to help you with the process. If you’re betting online, you need to be registered on a sportsbook first. Once you’ve made your initial deposit, you can browse through the events to find the Cheltenham November Meeting. There are also a lot of Cheltenham November Meeting offers that are given especially for the event. Once you’ve added your selections to your bet slip, you can adjust your stake and confirm your bets. 

In terms of strategies for Cheltenham November Meeting betting, there are a few that we can think of. Instead of just betting on the favourite, try picking a few different outcomes. This way you can still lose bets and have those losses covered. Betting on horse racing is more difficult than it sounds since the outcome is always so unpredictable. You could try betting on the jockeys as a change since their performance is also an indicator of who might win.

Cheltenham November Meeting Offers 

The November Meeting at Cheltenham is always exciting not just because of the races but also the betting offers punters get every year. Sportsbooks give out a lot of special offers on horse racing. During the November Meeting season, you’ll find a lot of enhanced odds and money-back offers. Given the volume of bets during the November Meeting, cashbacks are expected for all three days of the event.

Free bets are also an offer that punters won’t pass up. And a lot of punters might even sign up for the first time just before the races. So, there might be a few welcome offers catering particularly to horse racing. 

Sportsbooks might even offer bigger payouts for bets on horses that you wager on extra places. And there might be a few offers on ACCA bets and insurance bets as well. With the season just around the corner, you’ll find a lot more offers on the Cheltenham races popping up. And you can compare a few to see which one suits you the best.

Top 3 Bookmakers for betting on the Cheltenham November Meeting 

Betting on the Cheltenham November Meeting is an event all in itself. If you’re planning on betting, you’d better get your predictions ready because November is almost here. To get the best experience with Cheltenham November Meeting, we have a few sportsbooks that we’d like to recommend. Below are our top 3 picks for the best sportsbooks for betting on the Cheltenham November Meeting:


Coral is one of the most trusted and reliable sports betting sites in the UK. Coral has some really great bonuses for punters including a welcome bonus that all new customers are eligible for. Along with a cash-out option, the coverage of in-play events is amazing at this sportsbook. And these are among some of the reasons we recommend it.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power, the Irish sportsbook is actually sponsoring the Cheltenham November Meeting this year. The sportsbook has a great site with easy navigation. This sportsbook focuses mainly on the UK market so punters can expect to get some great offers. The coverage of events at the sportsbook is pretty decent as well.


Fitzdares has some of the best horse racing odds. And the sportsbook also has decent coverage of the events as well. You should also be able to place your bets using the Fitzdares app which makes betting very convenient.

2022 Cheltenham November Meeting Predictions and Tips

The Cheltenham November Meeting 2022 dates are the 11th, 12th, and 13th of November. That means it starts on a Friday and ends on a Sunday. Predictions are in for all of the races and we’ll just add our two cents here. You can also make up your own mind by looking at the odds at a few sportsbooks.

Magic Saint was the winner of the Mucking Brilliant Paddy Power Handicap Chase last season. And he has great potential this year as well according to his average ratings. Stolen Silver also has great odds and shows a lot of zeal for his trainer Sam Thomas if his previous races are any indication. 

The Glenfarclas Cross Country Handicap Chase is also expected to see a lot of action this year. Balko Des Flos, runner-up of the Grand National has good prices on him. But his track record at the Cheltenham Racecourse doesn’t give fans much hope. Potters Corner is a much more stable contender for the race and a reliable horse for his trainer as well.

Next up is the Ballymore Novices’ Hurdle. This is an interesting one as it has many contenders. Glencassley and OFF YOUR ROCCO are coming in hot having won a few of the previous tournaments. Gelino Bello is also rated highly having won his debut race at Aintree. 

If you’re planning on backing some of the horses at this year’s races, we have a few tips for you. Don’t just go for the horse with the best odds. Remember, there is a lot more at play here than that. Instead of researching ahead too much, try to go for live bets. Live bets are especially good for horse racing since the sport is so intense and unpredictable. So, the best thing to do is keep some of that research in your back pocket while you let your intuition do the rest.  

Cheltenham November Race 2021 Recap

The Cheltenham November Race for 2021 ended quite a while ago. And while you can find a few written accounts of the event, those are quite hard to grasp. However, highlights for the event are still available on a few streaming platforms. You can’t really get a true feel of the event unless you were physically there. The air at the Cheltenham Racecourse is different during those intense moments just before a horse crosses the finish line. But if you do want a recap of the event, you should be able to find it on streaming platforms and other online platforms.

Last 10 Cheltenham November Meeting Paddy Power Gold Cup Winners

2020 – Coole Cody

2019 – Happy Diva

2018 – Baron Alco

2017 – Splash Of Ginge

2016 – Taquin Du Seuil

2015 – Annacotty

2014 – Caid Du Berlais

2013 – Johns Spirit

2012 – Al Ferof

2011 – Great Endeavour


The Cheltenham November Meeting is one that no punter will miss. Despite this being a British event, lots of people around the world enjoy the event as it is aired. As jockeys round up their horses, tensions are palpable. Horse racing has got to be one of the most popular sporting events for punters to bet on. And the November Meeting tops that with all of the prestige surrounding the event.

If you’re planning on placing a punt at one of the races in the coming meeting, don’t forget to take a look at the tips we mentioned. And you should also make sure to have a strategy in place before you start betting. 


Which is the Best Sportsbook to Bet on the Cheltenham November Meeting?

According to our research, Paddy Power is one of the best sportsbooks to bet on the November Meeting. 

Where can I Watch the November Meeting Live?

The Cheltenham November Meeting will be broadcast live on ITV.

Can I Bet on the Cheltenham November Meeting?

Plenty of sportsbooks take bets on the November Meeting and you can even find great offers to boost your bets as well. 

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