You might think finding the best horse betting app is an easy task. But after reviewing a large number of apps, I can say with great certainty – not all horse racing betting apps are created equal, and the difference between the good ones and the poor is the difference between an enjoyable betting experience and one that is rather… boring, or just annoying.

Luckily our team has worked hard to separate the best from the rest.

Below you’ll find our top betting apps for horse racing, and our guide to picking the best mobile horse betting experience

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How to Pick The Best App for Horse Betting?

Most of us are looking for the same things when it comes to mobile horse race betting.

Our team’s criteria for the best horse apps:

  1. Welcome bonuses – what’s on offer for new customers
  2. Daily promotions – what promotion am I going to get after my initial sign up bonus
  3. How fast is the app – some of the apps we’ve reviewed over the years are surprisingly slow, and placing a bet (or watching a live race) can be a very annoying experience when that happens
  4. Does the app “flow” feels good – the best horse racing app out there should definitely be easy to use. E.g. – is it easy to place a bet? How easy it is to find a specific race? To learn about a promo?
  5. Betting options  – some apps are a more condensed version of the desktop site, and a lot of betting option (e.g. – specific race) are gone
  6. Special features – some apps have interesting special features, starting from the basic ones, such as live streaming, to interesting promotions and even “in-running” betting – betting while a race is in progress (naturally ideal for races starting at two-miles and run at a slower pace)

A checklist before committing to a specific app:

Here is quick list of some basic elements you should ensure the app has before you start betting:

  • Betting placement system feels simple and intuitive
  • A design that feels friendly and inviting to use
  • A satisfactory array of betting options

The best apps also have extra options, such as live streams of horse racing events and exclusive promotions.

If you can pair a few basic requirements with some advanced features – you’ve found an app which is worthy of your time.

Everybody’s different, so you might be looking for some other features, such as virtual horse racing betting, special bonuses and in-play or exchange betting. If that’s what you are looking for, then you should double check the app for these features before you go ahead and download it.

It should also be noted that you are not tied to any one app. If you download one and find that it’s not for you, then simply delete it and try to find another one that fits your needs.


Quick Reviews – The Best Horse Betting Apps in the UK


Betway may not be the highest profile bookmaker out there, but nonetheless, they definitely know how to produce a horse racing app for Android and iOS devices with equal top-notch quality.

This will come as a surprise to some online gambling aficionados, as a previous version of their app was considered poor by many. However, all has changed with their latest offering, which looks beautiful and has perfect functionality.
As you’d expect, their app is available on pretty much all mobile operating systems. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you prefer your mobile horse racing on an iPhone or an Android, as you can use this app with either of them.

Ease of navigation is definitely one of the main plus points on Betway’s app and it is also renowned for its stability, which is always important when it comes to gambling apps.
It offers live streaming of many sporting events, including most of the big horse racing meetings. Its banking options are plentiful, so you should be able to find a deposit and withdrawal option that suits you.

It includes a promotions tab, which helps consumers who do not want to spend all of their time scrolling through the entire app looking for the best offers. However, there could be more horse racing bonuses within the app, so it falls down slightly there.

Overall, it just looks pretty darn good and the customer support is pretty darn great too. There is a live text chat option.

Pros – Looks great, excellent streaming options and top-notch navigation
Cons – Could be more app-only bonuses


Betfred is now known as one of the biggest players in the UK betting market and their app is a valued part of their business. Therefore, it is unsurprising to see that they have put quite the effort into making this app a mobile experience that most horse racing fans will enjoy.

Horse racing fans should note that it offers an excellent introduction offer to any new customers, where your initial stake is matched up to a bonus of £30 of free bets.

Its streaming options are excellent and it also gives users the option to bet in-play on horse racing, which is an interesting addition that we are more used to seeing on betting exchanges than we are on sportsbooks.
Its navigation could be slightly better and the design isn’t as pretty as some other apps, but we are willing to overlook this, because overall, it’s a great addition.

The iOS app is slightly more advanced than its Android equivalent, as it allows users to sign into their account with both Touch ID and Face iD. There is also the option to download this app onto the Apple Watch, which is pretty darn cool to say the least. The customer service is also decent, should anything not go the way you want it to.

Pros – Good bonuses, quality streaming, innovative features
Cons – Design, speed (a bit slow)


888Sport betting app is another one that has greatly improved their offering in recent times. They used to be renowned for a betting app that was full of glitches and bugs, but their latest offering is much improved and doesn’t have any of those old problems. They have made marked improvements after listening to their customer base and that has to be commended.
The app offers everything you could possibly want: in-play markets, top-notch horse racing streaming and easy and simple navigation. It also gives players who sign-up a very tidy £30 free bet bonus; you can’t say fairer than that now, can you?

Of course, it could have more event specific bonuses, but it’s hard to be perfect. One pretty sweet feature horse racing fans can enjoy is the ‘Racing iCard’. This gives users an insight into the form of each competitor in the race and can be invaluable when trying to pick winners for individual meetings.
In terms of horse racing apps, it is definitely one of the best ones out there right now. We love how they really seem to appreciate their horse betting customers and that’s one of the reasons we included on this list.

Its design hasn’t reinvented the wheel, but that’s not a massive complaint, especially since it has such great horse racing information within it. Well done 888 – you know what we want and you’ve gone and got it!

Pros – Form info, easy navigation
Cons – Not enough event specific bonuses


10Bet is not as well known as some of the other big names on this list, but it has done incredibly well to be ranked among them. They have designed an app that battles with the big boys of horse racing betting and very often, comes out on top.

It offers excellent enhanced odds on horse racing bets and has some good features, but it should be noted that it does lack live streams for horse racing, which is a bummer. This is seriously disappointing for some folks, so if you want an app you can follow live coverage of your race on, then this isn’t the one for you.
However, 10Bet is a relatively new fish in the gigantic pond of horse racing betting apps, so it should be noted as that. There is room for improvement, but it is doing plenty of things right and we have to commend it for its effort.

Their customer service is pretty good and overall, they have a quality offering which is only going to improve with future updates. It’s not perfect but watch this space!

Pros – Enhanced odds, customer service, navigation
Cons – No live streaming

Paddy Power

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is renowned for its cheeky marketing ploys and the fact that it always seems to get some sports star to don underpants with their logo on it. It should also be renowned for having what is potentially the best horse betting app on the market today.

Their horse race betting app looks great and is easy to use. Thus, it nails the basics, but it also has a whole load of other things going for it.
For instance, there always seems to be some bonus available on it and it streams the horse racing you want to watch. One of their best features is that every now and then it will have enhanced odds on some of the biggest horse racing events taking place.

Overall, there isn’t a whole lot wrong with this app. It allows folks to stream races, providing they have a minimum £1 bet on that race. We have to say ‘well done Paddy’, because in all honestly, this is a quality app and probably the standard bearer for other horse racing apps out there.
To be honest, that’s exactly what we’d expect from the behemoth that is Paddy Power.

Pros – Excellent navigation, great offers and looks brilliant
Cons – More markets would be an improvement


Bet365 is famed for its in-play sports betting, but it also knows what horse racing fans want within an app. It has designed a simple, yet effective app that has plenty going for it.

It isn’t perfect, but there are plenty of reasons to give this one a blast.
Simplicity has always been key to Bet365’s business model and that definitely extends to their app offering. It’s easy to download, it’s easy to use and it looks simple too. If you’re looking for a no-frills betting app, then you could do far worse than this one.

For their betting app, they have focused on all the right things and some of their reviews from the app store mention this; the app is reliable, feels safe and overall offers loads of fun too.

There is one clear endorsement this app has; almost everyone who downloads it ends up using it and not deleting it. That’s definitely a sign of a good app. Of course, it also has the usual stuff too – its streaming service is excellent and for different racing festivals, it offers different bonuses.
There is a reason Bet365 is doing as well as it is. This is a great horse racing app. For the record, their streaming rarely crashes either.

Pros – Simple to use, looks great, easy to download
Cons – Can feel outdated


Coral’s horse racing offers have gained notoriety in recent times. The brand has put together a team that clearly knows and loves this market and it is definitely reflected in its apps. It’s easy to use, there are price guarantees on the horse racing and their streaming platform looks great and works perfectly.

The bet placement system isn’t perfect, but once you get the hang of it, you will embrace this app. It offers ‘best price’ guarantees for some horse racing meetings, which is always nice and the design is definitely up there with the best in the market. We would recommend giving it a go.

Of course, it isn’t the app of choice for everyone, but we have found that the people who like it, really love it. To be honest, the app is very ‘Coral’, so if you are a fan of the brand, then there is a strong chance you will be a fan of the app. If you’re not a fan of the brand, then everything from the app’s colouring to its navigation features might grate on you.
It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you. Give it a whirl and if you don’t like it, simply delete and try a different one on the list.

Pros – Easy to use, quality streaming
Cons – Looks a little tacky

Horse Racing Events

The UK horse racing calendar is jammed to say the least. There is something on virtually every day of the year and the festivals there are heralded as some of the best in the world. Thus, it’s unsurprising to see the horse racing apps take advantage of this with some absolutely brilliant bonuses.

Whether you’re into flat, jumps or even virtual racing, you are sure to find a special offer to suit you.
Thus, you don’t have to wait until the Grand National, Cheltenham or Ascot comes around to enjoy your fill of horse racing fun. However, if you do wait, you will also be happy as most top apps have brilliant bonuses on offer during those events.

Horse Betting App – Conclusion

Whatever app you choose, make sure you get one that suits your needs. This guide is meant as just that; a ‘guide’ – it’s not a gospel. If you enjoy one that we haven’t mentioned, then let us know as we always love checking out new apps and giving them a twirl.

Either way, the most important thing is that you enjoy your horse racing betting app and enjoy your punt, and maybe also pick a winner every now and again 🙂
Happy punting!