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Football fans are treated to numerous competitions and tournaments come September. National leagues start even before it, but September is reserved for the biggest of them all – the Champions League. The wildest and most exciting football league in the world, it’s a league of national champions and the premier competition in football in Europe.

Every club is looking to try its luck at the European crown. It’s a highly valued trophy since clubs need to beat tough competition on the road to success. It’s a fun competition for football fans to watch, but it’s also popular among punters. Champions League betting is a major favourite at all bookies online, and in this guide, we’ll touch upon all the details that make it so exciting.

Bookies nowadays offer a variety of markets when it comes to football and the Champions League is on top of them all. You can put your money on a variety of CL markets, and we’re not just talking outrights and match favourites. Champions League betting sites offer much more than that, giving punters a chance to bet on a wide range of markets paired with sky-high odds.

Besides that, you’ll get a chance to score amazing Champions League betting offers in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s an odds boost for this week’s CL derby or a free bet to try your luck on the next round of matches, you can claim numerous CL betting offers that you shouldn’t pass up on.

When betting on the Champions League, you’ll want to do it at a reputable bookie. If you’re new and you don’t know where to start, we have a list of the top Champions League betting sites that deserve your attention.

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What we are looking for in the best betting sites for Champions League

The UK online betting market is pretty saturated right now. There are hundreds of Champions League betting sites to pick from, but unfortunately, not all of them are great. We have strict criteria by which we rate bookmakers with Champions League betting. They must pass tests with flying colors for our team to give its recommendation.

When looking for the best Champions League betting sites, we review them by checking the criteria listed below.

Solid Welcome Offer

All Champions League betting sites have a welcome bonus or free bet to start with. UK punters should get their hands on these offers as long as the requirements are fair. In most cases, you’ll either get a 100% first deposit bonus boost or a free bet. Whatever the offer, if the wagering is fair and the terms look reasonable, you should get your hands on it.


The best Champions League betting sites will have a license from the UKGC. It ensures a proper and safe betting experience and builds trustworthiness with punters. You should never join unlicensed football betting Champions League sites unless you want to be scammed.

Proper Mobile Experience

The best Champions League betting sites will have a dedicated mobile app for Androids and iPhones. However, even if your bookie of choice doesn’t have an app, a mobile optimized website will do nicely. The top Champions League betting apps are available in the Play or App stores and come for free. In some cases, you must download the app through the bookie’s site if the app doesn’t fulfil the requirements set by the respective app store.

Fair Odds

The best Champions League betting sites will have a barrage of excellent CL markets and fair odds. When betting on the CL, you should always shop for odds and find the best ones. That goes for any other league or competition, but especially for the CL where odds between bookies can greatly differ.

Champions League Betting Offers

When choosing a bookie where you can bet on the CL, make sure it has plenty of great offers. As mentioned earlier, all bookmakers have some kind of CL offer ‘on tap’, allowing punters to get the most out of their CL bets.

Safe Betting Support and Tools

Champions League betting is supposed to be fun and not seen as a source of income. Unless you gamble responsibly, you may get in trouble. For that reason, the best CL bookies should have a kind of a safety net for problem gambling with safe betting support and tools that will help punters in need. 

TOP 3 Champions League betting sites


Coral is a one of the oldest and most popular Champions League betting sites in the industry. Established in 1926 by Joe Coral, it grew into a successful conglomerate over the years, especially during the 1980s. Ever since moving online, Coral has been even more successful, offering safe and secure betting and growing into one of the top Champions League betting sites.

Having obtained a UKGC license, the bookie is perfectly safe to bet on. It offers a wide range of CL markets paired with great odds. What makes Coral even more impressive is the fact that it offers a wide range of promotions for both new and seasoned punters. If you’re looking for great CL promos and fair odds, Coral is an excellent choice.

The bookie works perfectly on PC, but you can also use the app to bet on the go. Why miss on all those live CL betting markets when you can track them all from your phone? As one of the largest bookmakers in the business, Coral offers numerous support tools that can help prevent problem gambling.

Ask many punters where they bet on the CL and they’ll say Coral is the best bookmaker for Champions League betting.


Established in 2006, Betway is a global online gambling company mostly known for its sportsbook. It operates in numerous licensed marketplaces including the UK. Betway is a sponsor of numerous Premier League clubs and one of the renowned Champions League betting sites you can find online these days.

It offers safe and secure betting via PCs and a mobile app that can be installed straight from the site. In regards to CL markets, Betway has them all. You can place your bets on match winners, outrights, goals, and individual bets along with live bets and even live streams of the most important matches. All of them come with great odds in tow, making it one of the best Champions League betting sites you can join.

When you do, expect to get your hands on a cool welcome offer. Betway will follow that up with plenty of other promotions for new and loyal punters. Thanks to the website’s ease of use, the great promos, and some of the best CL odds, it’s a CL bookie you shouldn’t miss.

William Hill

Is there a more recognizable name in the betting industry than William Hill? One of the oldest UK bookies and among the best ones at that, William Hill is a premium operator with many aces in its sleeve. It has a variety of markets on numerous football leagues and competitions paired with some of the best odds in the industry. On top of it all, it’s known for its football boosts and promotions that no punter can ignore.

William Hill offers a safe and traditional way to bet on all the sports you can think of. It’s one of the top Champions League betting sites, performing well on desktops, laptops, and mobile apps. Betting on the CL on the go is easy thanks to the mobile site and app that you can use on your Androids and iPhones.

Sign up at William Hill and you’ll be treated to a welcome offer. You can expect plenty of free bets later, some of them available on the Champions League. It’s often called the best bookmaker for Champions League betting, and we couldn’t agree more.

Champions League betting offers

We already mentioned that UK punters have a variety of Champions League betting offers to pick from. These range from simple odds boosts to early payouts, Acca boosts, and deposit bonuses and free bets too. What you get depends on the bookmaker itself. Each one does its best to attract new and seasoned punters, allowing you to boost profits without spending extra money.

Acca Offers

Accumulators, popularly known as Accas, are a parlay bet you can build with numerous CL bets. No need for them to be match winners only. You can put anything you want on an Acca and as long as all of your selections win, you will make great profit. UK punters love Accas as they often come with fantastic odds, which is to be expected considering the fact you’re linking several bets on a single piece of slip. Of course, it is a risky bet and one that requires plenty of luck.

There have been dozens of cases where punters have won the Acca jackpot on a fiver or a tenner. With a bit of luck anything is possible. Champions League Acca offers are particularly exciting as matchdays always include several matches. The best CL bookies often have great Acca offers per matchday with much better odds than betting on the matches separately.

Why build an accumulator on your own when the bookie can serve it up for you? If the terms look fair and you stand to earn a nice profit, you should definitely check out Acca offers. 

Odds Boosts

Odds boosts are a common football offer that’s not exclusive to Champions League betting. As the name suggests, it’s a price boost of a bonus that might lead to bigger wins. Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed in football and CL betting. However, if you ask us, you should never pass up on Champions League enhanced odds.

After all, we’re all in it to win it, and when a bookie gifts you better odds on matches you’ve wanted to bet on anyway, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

Early Payouts

Early payouts are a great way to get some profit before the matches are finished. Sometimes, things won’t go your way with Champions League betting. If a bookmaker has early payouts among its Champions League betting promotions, you should definitely get your hands on it.

Profit Boosts

Profit boosts are similar to odds boosts. This time, the bookie adds a bit of extra oomph to your profits. It’s one of the most common Champions League betting promotions and a bonus many punters are eager to claim. You don’t need to do anything – as long as you bet on the matches with a profit boost, you can earn a bit of extra cash.

Free Bet Offers

Free bets are another common Champions League betting boost. They are usually given to new players or as a way to keep regular punters satisfied. While the term might suggest free money, free bets are anything but. Their terms and conditions might be fairer than other bonuses and offers, but you shouldn’t think of them as free money to bet with.

Champions League In-Play betting

If you think betting on match winners and outrights in the Champions League is exciting, you should try live betting. The top Champions League betting sites have an in-play betting platform, allowing you to bet on matches in play while possibly watching streams of the hottest games as well.

Live betting has fully revolutionized the online betting industry. In the past, punters could only bet on fixed odds. That has changed in the past decade with the introduction of in-play Champions League betting. It allows punters to bet on matches in play, which is fantastic since you can watch the action and see which way the pendulum swings.

Live betting is much more exciting than any other type of betting on the Champions League. When paired with live streams, it gets even better. Bookies have found innovative ways of making it even more exciting by introducing features such as cashout and Pulse betting.

Cashout comes in two types – full or partial. With a full cashout, a bookie gives you a chance to cash out earlier if your live bets don’t go as planned. Of course, it’ll come at a fraction of the expected profit, but you still get to make some profit. With partial cashout, you can cash out a portion of your bet and leave the other one in play. In that case, you’ll make some profit and possibly get extra on the remaining money.

Live betting is one of the latest innovations in online betting and as such, it’s ripe for new features. Many UK bookies have introduced Pulse bets on their in-play betting platforms. These allow punters to bet on a goal being scored within a timeframe. Each market is divided into three timeframes (or periods) that affect the size of your payouts. As the end of the period comes close, the odds for a goal increase, so you stand to make a nice profit if you’ve bet on a goal in that period and it comes late.

All these features work best when you watch the matches. No need to head to the stadium for that. The best in-play Champions League betting sites come with inbuilt live streaming that is usually only available to registered customers. With live streams, you can watch the matches you’re betting on directly from the first minute and get early Champions League cash out if nothing goes your way. Pulse betting is also much easier to track and predict when you’re watching live streams of matches.

Champions League FAQ

What are top 3 Champions League betting sites?

The top 3 Champions League betting sites in the industry (as recommended by punters) are William Hill, Coral, and Betway.

What are the most popular Champions League betting markets?

The most popular CL markets to bet on are match winner, outrights, and goal betting. Live betting markets are extremely popular too.

Where can I watch Champions League live streaming?

You can watch live streams of CL matches at the bookies that offer them. Thanks to live streams, you’ll be able to make much better predictions.

When is Champions League 2021 final?

The CL final for the 2021-2022 season will be held at the Gazprom Arena on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for the Champions League?

When betting on the Champions League, you should always check the odds first. Shop for odds and you’ll always come across the top odds that will deliver better profit.

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