When looking and trying to evaluate a football betting app you have to keep an eye on the key features that these apps offer. Thankfully, most apps have progressed rapidly over the last few years, so their on par with most features. However, I would still recommend checking that these important features are there for a better experience:


Many bookies have now began offering live streams of football games if you bet on them, or if they are generous you can watch even without betting. Of course, you will not be seeing this kind of deal on the English Premier League, for now at least, however on most other leagues you’ll be able to take advantage of this feature.


This is a key feature that just keeps getting better and better. This is one of the main ways, apart from odds and markets of course that bookies use to their advantage to compete with each other and get the most signups. If you keep your eyes peeled and monitor the bookies that offer Mobile apps you can often catch offers on big games, or sign up bonuses, or bonuses for loyalty etc etc. With most bookies now offering most markets and tight odds with each other, this is one of the main things that set them aside.


Once again something that has become more and more common for mobile Apps. Live betting is like it sounds, you bet during the match. You may also live cashout of course which is helpful too. The odds adjust during the match based on how the match is looking