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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has caused a disruption in live sport unparalleled since the Second World War. Competitions great and small, from a whole range of sports, have been either delayed indefinitely or outright cancelled, for the safety of players and fans alike.

Darts – which relies almost entirely on TV and in-person viewerships of live events – has been especially hard-hit. The Professional Darts Corporation, though, has found an innovative way around the aforementioned problems; namely, the ‘PDC Home Tour’. In this article, you’ll learn exactly how the PDC Home Tour works, and – crucially – how you can bet on it.

About the PDC Home Tour

As with every sport outside of eSports, the darts calendar for 2020 has been ravaged by the COVID-19 outbreak. All the usual PDC events have been cancelled until July at the earliest, and the Premier League Darts season has also been suspended.

The PDC’s flair for innovation, though, should never be underestimated. It’s one of the main reasons why darts has become so popular in recent years, and – with their Home Tour – the PDC have done it once again.

The PDC Home Tour is a brand new darts tournament, which circumvents social distancing rules by having players competing from homes. They use dart boards in their own houses, with a camera in place to record the action. The two feeds are then combined, and – with the help of a commentator – streamed in a way which makes the whole thing feel like a proper darts match!

Two matches are played each night, giving you the chance to catch four of the top darts players around in action. If you’ve got hold of one of the many excellent darts betting apps out there… you can wager on them too, of course! The proceedings get under way at 19:30 GMT every evening, with Dan Dawson on commentary duties.

Better yet, all of this is absolutely free to watch! There are a few different ways to do so, depending on where you live, but the easiest methods for British viewers are the official PDC app, the Sky Sports app, or one of the major darts betting apps.

PDC Home Tour Betting Sites (April 2021)

How Does the PDC Home Tour Work?

For the most part, darts tournaments are structured in an extremely straightforward manner. This is one of the main reasons why it’s such an accessible sport for newcomers… and why darts betting has become so popular! The PDC Home Tour is no different.

Structurally, everything is kept nice and simple here. All players with a 2020 PDC Tour Card are eligible to enter, with stars like Peter Wright, Dave Chisnall, Simon Whitlock and Stephen Bunting just a few of the many who have signed up.

Those players are then sorted into groups of four, and – in a given night – all four of them will play each other once. Essentially, each group both starts and finishes within the same night. Two points are given for a win, and the winner of each group will go through to a knockout stage, which is set to begin on 19th April 2021. The winner of that will be crowned the overall champion of the Home Tour.

There are a couple of other things to note before commencing your PDC Home Tour Betting. Each match is a speedy best-of-9-legs (i.e. first-to-5), essentially meaning that the whole thing moves along very quickly indeed! If multiple players are tied on points after they’ve played their matches, the first tie-breaker is leg difference (similar to goal difference in football), the second is head-to-head results, and the third is scoring average.

Best Bookmakers for PDC Home Tour 2020 Betting

For fans of PDC betting, the Home Tour has offered a welcome return to normalcy after the Coronavirus-related disruptions. Of course, if you are planning to wager on this event… you need a PDC Home Tour betting app first! These are the best options currently available to you.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power App


An eye-catching marketing strategy has been one major factor behind Paddy Power’s rise to the top, but they’ve also executed the fundamentals brilliantly. A large part of this has been providing great coverage for a wide range of sports for their users, rather than just focusing on one or two, and this absolutely includes darts too.

Paddy Power are providing exceptional coverage of the PDC Home Tour. Naturally all the matches are available to bet on, but – crucially – you can stream them too. This ability to watch along live can provide a great boost to your in-play and cash out betting, as we’ll explain later. They’re also offering a whole series of Power Prices on various Home Tour markets, and even have an in-play darts promotion right now, in which you gain a Power-Up (an odds boost) in return for placing a live bet of £5 or more.

Paddy Power Betting Features
Paddy Power Betting Markets

William Hill

William Hill Mobile App


William Hill are one of the most prestigious names in all of sports betting, and are the current sponsors of the World Darts Championship. Every part of their offering – from the desktop site to the mobile app – is extremely classy. The mobile app specifically is a contender for being the best around right now, making it an excellent place to get your PDC Home Tour odds.

The interface on the app is extremely straightforward, everything loads nice and quickly, and it’s highly reliable too. Naturally every Home Tour matchup is covered, via a wide range of individual markets, and William Hill also offer Enhanced Odds on some enticing multiples too. The only drawback here is the lack of live streaming, but – that aside – this is an outstanding all-round offering.

William Hill Betting Features
William Hill Betting Markets


Betway Mobile App


While not quite as dominant as the first two names on this list, Betway are still a major player on the sports betting scene. Their massive sponsorship deal with West Ham shows that football is the focus here (as with most bookies), but Betway do a good job of providing for fans of other sports too.

They certainly do offer a solid PDC Home Tour betting app. It looks fantastic, has an intuitive interface, and – like the other apps on this list – is available for both iOS and Android users. The Home Tour can be bet on either pre-match or in-play, and you can wager on either individual match winners or the overall group winner. Best of all, Home Tour wagers also count towards Betway’s famous Free Bet Club, in which you receive a £10 free bet if you wager at least £25 on trebles or accas in a given week.

Betway Betting Features
Betway Betting Markets


Bet365 Mobile App

One of the defining success stories among modern sportsbooks, Bet365 were formed in 2000 and – in the two decades since – have risen right to the top of the pile. Jumping on mobile betting early was a key to this, and constant updates and innovations have led to the Bet365 mobile app being one of, if not the best around.

This app really is an excellent place to go looking for PDC Home Tour odds. You’ll find a lovely range of bet types, from simple match winner through to handicaps, correct score, most 180’s, and so on. Although there aren’t really any special offers you can use on darts right now, every Home Tour match is available for Bet365 users to stream live, offering you a big advantage for your in-play betting.

Bet365 Betting Features
Bet365 Betting Markets


Betfair Mobile App


You probably know Betfair primarily for their betting exchange, but they also have one of the best sportsbooks on the market too. You can take either route when betting on the Home Tour, as odds are available on both the exchange and sportsbook. Do be aware, though, that Betfair have different apps for the two sides of their business; you won’t be able to place an exchange bet on the sportsbook app, and vice versa.

Having these two different ways to bet arguably makes Betfair the most versatile place to get your PDC Home Tour odds. The exchange app, in particular, will offer you an unprecedented amount of flexibility in the prices you get. Either way, you’ll be able to wager on each match a few different ways, from match winner through to most 180’s. Live streaming is also available for every matchup, which is obviously fantastic.

Betfair Betting Features
Betfair Betting Markets

How to Bet on PDC Home Tour 2020?

If you’ve got previous experience of betting on the darts, you should slip seamlessly into wagering on the Home Tour too. If you’re a newcomer to this business, though, or it’s been a while since you partook, here are a few quick and easy PDC Home Tour betting tips.

Play the Long Game

Rather than trying to win big on an unlikely long-shot bet, play it sensible. Manage your stakes, spread out your exposure, and prioritise the long-term profit instead.

Do Your Research

This is more or less the only darts event in town right now, meaning plenty of analysts and experts are paying close attention to it. Their opinions and betting tips will usually be free, so there’s no reason not to use them!

Watch Live

We’ll talk about this in more detail below. In short, though, if you can watch the Home Tour matches live… do so! You’ll get a much better feel for the momentum of each match, and will be able to spot in-play betting opportunities.

Remember the Format

Home Tour matches are extremely short, making them more random than a World Championship match, for example. This is another reason to manage your stakes, and not overvalue either a player’s ranking or their recent form.

Check For Promotions

Be sure to check whether your current bookie offers any promotions which can be used on the Home Tour. If not, consider signing up with a new one, and using their welcome offer for your PDC 2020 wagers.

Mix Your Bet Types

Remember, you don’t have to stick to match winner bets. If you don’t mind a bit more risk, you’ll find much higher odds on the likes of correct score or most 180’s wagers.

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PDC Home Tour Live Streaming

The advantages to be gained from live streaming – and actually watching the PDC Home Tour 2020 matches for yourself – cannot be overstated. A darts match is all about momentum, and judging that momentum for yourself is extremely difficult to do without actually watching. Live betting is one of the most important innovations ever in gambling, and – by streaming this unique PDC darts event for yourself – you’ll find it much easier to identify in-play opportunities, and realise when it’s time to cash out an existing bet.

The good news is that there are plenty of bookies offering PDC Home Tour 2020 streaming on their apps. Paddy Power and Bet365 are arguably your best choices for this. It’s incredibly easy to access the streaming features on each – you simply head to that match’s markets, and click the ‘In-Play’ button on that page, and the actual stream quality is excellent for both apps.

Past PDC Winners

One of the first steps in predicting the latest winner of a competition is to look at recent winners. Unfortunately we can’t do that here, as this is the first year that the Home Tour has been held. We can, however, look at the recent major PDC winners, to get an idea of who’s in form at the biggest tournaments right now.

It’s been Peter Wright’s year so far, having won the World Championship and Masters. Unfortunately, though… he’s already out of the Home Tour! Michael van Gerwen is a serial World Championship winner, and won the UK Open shortly before the lockdown began. If he enters the competition, he’ll be the favourite to win the PDC Home Tour prize money. Rob Cross is also a strong pick, having won the 2019 World Matchplay and 2018 World Championship.

If you’re looking for a slight outsider, consider Nathan Aspinall. He was in fine form when the 2020 season was suspended, won the 2019 UK Open, and already won both of his Home Tour group matches.

Bottom Line

The lockdown has been a big blow to sports fans across the UK. The PDC, however, have still found a way to bring darts fans some entertainment during these uncertain times. While the Home Tour can’t compete with the usual events when it comes to atmosphere and excitement, we still get to see some of the biggest players on the scene duking it out every night.

For punters starved of new markets, this is an excellent opportunity to get back into betting. Every major bookie is offering odds on the Home Tour, and we’ve identified some of the best apps on which to bet in this article. Watch along live if you can, follow our top Home Tour betting tips… and you’ll hopefully be turning a profit on the darts again in no time!
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