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Online betting has become one of the most powerful entertainment channels in the UK. It’s understandable because the “working” paradigm all over the world has changed dramatically and we barely have time to visit land-based betting shops! But it’s no problem as modern online betting is just as enjoyable, if not more. When online betting is concerned, you have to think about the payment method too. After all, you need a way to deposit and withdraw your money. We have one of the potential methods you may want to use in the UK, Boku. This is our guide to Boku gambling sites in the country.

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What is Boku?

If you’ve been active in the iGaming industry, you may have heard the term “pay by phone”. While other providers use a similar modality, the phrase “pay by phone” is trademarked by Boku. Essentially, Boku is a mobile payment method that works with your mobile carrier directly. You can use it on pay by mobile betting apps whether you use a prepaid plan or a postpaid plan. Betting sites that accept Boku don’t bother with how you want to pay the carrier. 

If you use a postpaid mobile carrier plan, the money you spend on Boku betting will be added to your next bill. And if you have a pay-as-you-go plan, you need to have the funds ready before you sanction the deposit. If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around the facts, take your bank cards as a reference. For credit cards, you borrow the money in advance and pay the merchants. Then, when the bill is due, you pay it to the bank.  As for debit cards, you need money in your account before you can confirm the purchase. Boku sports betting sites work in the same way. You’re just using your SIM card instead of your credit/debit card. 


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Depositing with Boku

We know this is a huge area of confusion, especially for new bettors. If you’re not experienced with pay by mobile betting sites, it may seem like a chore to deposit with Boku. Well, you’re in luck because we’re going to share the whole process broken down into steps. 

At the time of writing this guide, Boku is accepted in a handful of betting sites only. However, we have a neat workaround where you can use Boku even if the betting site itself doesn’t accept it. But first, let’s look at the usual deposit process at the best Boku betting sites. 

  1. Sign up for an online betting site that accepts Boku in the UK. Complete the registration process following the on-screen instructions. 
  2. Navigate to the deposit page and go through your options. Choose “Pay by Phone powered by Boku”. Or, it may show up as just Boku. 
  3. Enter the deposit amount. Make sure it’s within the limits of Boku’s deposit policy. 
  4. Enter your phone number and press next. You should receive an SMS with a one-time password (OTP). Depending on what betting site it is, you either have to reply “Y” to that SMS or enter the code directly on the bookmaking site. The deposit should show up right away. 

The other way around if you can’t find any Boku betting sites is using Neteller as the passthrough. Basically, you deposit in your Neteller account using Boku and then use Neteller to deposit in the betting site. Follow the guide below:

  1. Open a Neteller account and fund it with Boku. We know for a fact that it’s possible. 
  2. Sign up for an online betting site that accepts Neteller. 
  3. Use Neteller to deposit in your account and you’re ready to go. 

Top Boku Betting Sites

Boku is surely a very convenient method if you’re willing to use your mobile carrier. But which betting sites are the best, you ask? Let’s share our top picks for the best Boku betting sites.


If you’re looking into reliable and trusted online bookies in the UK, you can’t go wrong with Boylesports. It’s owned and operated by Boylesports Enterprise. The company boasts a license from the UK Gambling Commission with an account number 39469. 

It’s one of the very few online bookmakers in the UK that accept Boku directly as a payment method. You can find it as “Pay by Phone” in the deposit menu. After your deposit goes through, you can use the money to bet on Football, Horse Racing, Rugby, Boxing, Baseball, American Football, Tennis, virtual sports, and pretty much every other mainstream sport you can think of. Boylesports include a “Bet Calculator” on the platform so that you can calculate how much you can expect to win based on the type. 


In the UK, very few online bookmakers are as appreciated as bet365. In fact, this particular operator has pretty much taken over the online sports betting paradigm as one of the industry leaders. So, it’s obvious that it’s going to make our best Boku betting sites list.  However, you can’t use Boku directly to deposit funds in your bet365 account. You need to use the Neteller hack. While it adds a few more steps to the process, you still get to use your mobile bill as a source of funds for betting adventures. 

When you sign up for bet365, you’ll immediately be blasted with the top sports events from all over the world. From regular football to American Football to Formula 1 to Ice Hockey, you name it and bet365 has got it. 


Betfred may not make a lot of noise on the international scene but it’s an extremely popular online betting site in the UK. The blue website accent along with the colorful elements make it really enjoyable to surf the Betfred website.

As for being one of the Boku betting sites, it’s not direct, just like bet365. It means you’ll need to fund your Neteller account first following our guide. Then, you can use Neteller to deposit in your Betfred account. If you prefer live betting over pre-match betting, you’ll love Betfred. On the “In-Play” section, you’ll get a dedicated tab for live streams. All available live matches are hosted in that section. 

Is Boku a Suitable Payment Option for You?

Well, we’ll let you be the judge of that. We can’t conclude whether Boku is a suitable payment option for you or not. However, what we can do is state the facts so that you have an easier time deciding for yourself. 

When you go to Boku sports betting sites, all you need is a phone number in the UK, registered in your name. You don’t need a bank account and you don’t even need to sign up for Boku. You get to choose “Pay by Phone” from the betting site’s cashier and follow the instructions.

If you’re thinking about going for Boku betting sites, keep in mind that you can’t withdraw using the same method. As you’re paying the bills directly to your mobile carrier, the payment channel doesn’t work both ways. But yes, you can always use the Neteller trick to deposit and withdraw funds without opening a bank account. 

The daily deposit limit at Boku betting sites is £30 only. That too broken into 3 £10 deposits. It works if you bet on sports every once in a while, just to get your mind off things. But if you’re considering online sports betting a serious hobby, Boku is not a suitable method. 

Is Boku Safe?

Every time you plan to use a new online payment method, you should think about your safety. We know it doesn’t occur to us naturally, but to think about safety right away we mean. But it’s crucial because you don’t want to lose your money, or even worse, your online privacy, do you?

Boku is the largest mobile network provider in the world! While this is not a security feature per se, it goes to show that millions of people put their trust in it. To be precise, there are more than 28 million active users every month! 

As for the safety features, they’re integrated with your mobile carrier. As you’re using only your phone number during the deposit, you’re not risking anything personal that can be identified. And the security of your phone number is the responsibility of the mobile carrier. 

Boku, however, protects your data through SSL 128-bit encryption. It’s the window where you input your phone number and enter the OTP. Also, every transaction you do is recorded and you should receive a confirmation SMS every time. You can use these SMSs to keep track of your expenses and verify them during the billing cycle.

More About Boku

Thanks to its strong presence in the UK, many punters believe that Boku is a native English company. The reality is different, however. Boku is actually an American company, founded in 2009 in San Francisco, California. 

Currently, Boku is the world’s largest mobile payments network in the world, operating in more than 90 countries. Over the years, It has processed over $9 billion in payments alone! That goes to show that Boku is here to stay. And after 13 years of excellence, we’re just stating the obvious here. 

Apart from a payment solution for Boku sports betting sites, it’s an amazing tool for merchants too. Products like Trident and various other solutions like Mobile wallet providers as well as mobile carrier plans are fair game. 

To further prove its credibility, Boku boasts brands like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Tencent, and Netflix. All of these accept Boku for payments on products all over the world. Boku is also a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange as Boku Inc. As you can see, it’s a full-on business that goes way beyond a mobile payment method. You can put your trust in it every time you’re looking for a pay by phone method. 


For people who want convenient payments at their fingertips, Boku is the way to go. The main reason we like it so much is that you don’t need to bother opening a bank account. Not many online payment methods can claim this! 

What’s even more interesting is that you don’t need Boku betting sites that directly accept the method. As long as you see the Neteller logo in the UK, you’re good to go! You don’t have to pay anything extra in fees for using Boku. As for drawbacks, you can’t withdraw your winnings and you can’t go over £30 in a day. 


Are there any fees when depositing with Boku?

Absolutely not! You get to deposit as much as you want for free at Boku betting sites. 

Can you withdraw funds using Boku?

Unfortunately, no. Boku is a mobile payment method and it only allows you to deposit from your phone balance. 

Which bookies accept Boku?

At the time of writing, very few bookies accept Boku directly. But if you’re willing to use Neteller too, your options are limitless. Check our list. 

Does bet365 accept Boku?

Not directly, no. You need to use Neteller as the passthrough. 

Does Betway accept Boku?

Just like bet365, Betway too doesn’t accept Boku directly. 

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