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Bet £10 Get £20 Offers

In 2022, online gambling is experiencing somewhat of a Renaissance. More and more people are discovering or re-discovering the phenomenon and flocking to online sportsbooks and betting sites. Sports betting is possibly the most popular form of online gambling nowadays. Punters are drawn to these websites thanks to the convenience of placing bets from smartphones or PCs. However, there I another reason for this. The bonuses and advantages that online betting websites offer. Among them, one of the most popular offer is the Bet 10 Get 20 offer. In this article, we are taking a look at what Bet 10 get 20 free bets offers are and how you can claim them.

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Selected Bet 10 Get 20 Offers

As the name suggests, a Bet 10 Get 20 free bets offer is a sign up bonus which comes into effect when a punter places £10 on a given set of odds upon signing up with a website. Once that is done £20 worth of free bets will be awarded to the bettor. In 2022, bet 10 get 20 sing up offers are some of the most popular. In this section, we will take a look at 5 distinct welcome bonuses from different websites and see how they compare.

Livescore Bet Bet 10 Get 20 Offer

Livescore Bet Bet 10 Get 20 Offer


☑️ App rating: 4/5

Rather a new online sportsbook, Livescore Bet is quickly rising through the ranks and garnering a dedicated fan base. Owned by the Anzo Group Ltd., Livescore Bet covers a wide range of sports and features quite a few classic games on their casino page (both live and electronic).

Livescore Bet may be rather new, but it is already gaining traction in the online betting community. Though the few payment options might trouble some punters, the website more than makes up for it with their wide range of markets and a fantastically build mobile app.

New players can gain access to the Livescore Bet Bet 10 Get 20 welcome bonus offer by signing up with the website, and claiming the bonus within 7 days. Once you’ve placed a £10 bet, £20 worth of free bets will be awarded to your account. In order to spend these free bets, players must place them on 1.5 minimum odds, within 14 days of the sign-up. If the 14 days pass by, the free bets will no longer be valid.

With a slick, modern and easily navigated look to it on top of the fabulous welcome bonus, Livescore Bet seems to have a bright future in the world of online betting.

Kwiff Bet 10 Get 20 Offer

Kwiff Bet 10 Get 20 Offer

☑️ App rating: 4.5/5

Kwiff is an online sports betting website, founded by Anders Strom and based in the United Kingdom. Like Livescore Bet, Kwiff is relatively new on the market today. The website covers a wide array of some of the most popular sports around the world. This includes football, basketball, golf, and cricket. The website also doubles as a casino, which can be accessed through their main website.

Kwiff, like many new additions to the online gambling market, offers a Bet 10 Get 20 free bets welcome offer. Upon signing up with the website, you can place a £10 bet. Following this the Kwiff staff will deposit £20 worth of free bets into your account. The Kwiff Bet 10 Get 20 bonus has to be used within 48 hours, making it one of the weaker of these offers, as it expires a bit too quickly. If, however, you do choose Kwiff for this offer, remember that the bonus has to be used with 1.5 minimum odds and each way betting is not supported under the bonus.

Kwiff is an overall great website, especially when you are looking for bookies that offer some great odds and a regular stream of rewards and bonus offers. However, when it comes to their bet 10 get 20 bonus offer, the website falls rather short due to the short time in which the app expires.

BetTarget Bet 10 Get 20 Offer

BetTarget Bet 10 Get 20 Offer

☑️ App rating: 4/5

Owned by the Aspire Global company, BetTarget is another new sportsbook, which seem to be a rising star on the scene in 2022. With a slick, modern look which any player can navigate quite easily, lots of payment options for any player, and a diverse live casino, the website certainly has quite a lot going for it. Where it falters, however, is in its lack of a mobile app. If this isn’t a deal breaker, you should have no trouble taking advantage of BetTarget’s Bet 10 Get 20 offer.

In order to claim the bet 10 get 20 welcome bonus, you must sign up with the website and deposit £10. Once you’ve done so, £20 worth of free bets will be deposited to your account. The rewards are paid out in the form of a token for a 4/5 minimum odds. These free bets can only be used with 1/1 or greater odds and expire 14 days after being awarded. So be careful not to lose track of time and let the bonus slip out of your grasp.

BetTarget’s diverse library of sports and casino games are sure to make the website a star on the scene in the future. They’ve already built up quite the user base in the online betting world.

Boylesports Bet 10 Get 20 Offer

Boylesports Bet 10 Get 20 Offer

☑️ App rating: 4.5/5

Headquartered in Dundalk, Boyle Sports is our first bookmaker on this list that is located in Ireland. They are among the top operators in the world of online sports betting today, operating one of the best rated apps on the market. Users of Boylesports can play bingo, poker, the lottery, slots, and of course, place bets on a number of their favorite sports, including football, cricket, golf, horse racing, etc.

Boyle Sports Bet 10 Get 20 offer can be acquired by signing up with the website and putting down a £10 bet. Once that is done, the user will be awarded £20 worth of free bets, which they can use to place bets of 1/2 or greater odds. Be warned, however, that the free bets will expire within 7 days. So, if you are unwilling to bet them all within a week, be aware that you will lose them.

The Boyle Sports Bet 10 Get 20 welcome offer is a decent one. It is better than some of the aforementioned apps’ offers, which expire within 2 days. On the other hand, 7 days is a bit too short a time to place your bets. Overall, the app provides an above average bonus offer, which some hardcore punters will certainly enjoy.

Virgin Bet Bet 10 Get 20 Offer

Virgin Bet Bet 10 Get 20 Offer

☑️ App rating: 4/5

Last on our list is Virgin Bet’s Bet 10 Get 20 offer. The website offers a bonus to any newly signed up players who have placed a bet at an odd of 1/2 or greater. At that point, they are qualified for two £10 free bet bonuses. By doing this, new players will be given quite a bit of an advantage over their competitors.

The bet 10 get 20 welcome offer can be acquired 7 days after signing up, and is valid for another 7 days after that. The bonus also does not encompass each way bets and multiples, so be aware of that before starting out with placing bets once you’ve acquired the bonus.

It should go without saying, but in order to qualify for any of the aforementioned offers, or even in order to be able to make an account with these websites, a player must show some kind of proof that they are of age. Any sort of confirmation that you are 18 or older will do, so you don’t even necessarily have to give out your ID or personal identity. If you are of age, you will be able to claim these offers, and have fun on your sports betting journey.

How to Claim a Bet 10 Get 20 Offer?

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with what offers there are on the market, let us quickly explain how you too can claim a bet 10 get 20 offer. We will provide a quick, short and easy step-by-step for players new and seasoned. If you are qualified for a bet 10 get 20 welcome bonus, just follow these simple steps:

It is worth remembering, though, that there are quite a few restrictions and rules placed on these offers. Bet 10 Get 20 Offers are often subject to strict terms and conditions, which any player should be familiar with before placing even a single bet. Let us take a look at the most prominent T&Cs when it comes to the bet 10 get 20 welcome bonus.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements refer to the number of bets that can be placed using a bet 10 get 20 free bets offer. Certain markets will not be made available to you either. So keep that in mind when signing up.

Minimum Odds

We talked briefly about minimum odds before, when mentioning each individual offer. But here, we will expand upon what it means. Basically, in order to acquire a bet 10 get 20 welcome bonus, you must place a £10 bet on the required minimum odds. Usually this will be 1/2. However, it differs depending on the website. Be aware of the minimum odds when going for your bonus.

Free Bet Expiration

Likewise, you must keep an eye on the expiration of the free bets acquired from the bet 10 get 20 sign up offers. The standard expiration time is 7 days. However, this can vary wildly, going from 24 hours to two weeks. When claiming your award, make sure to check out the expiration date of your free bets, so they don’t go to waste.

Common Restrictions

And of course, it is the sportsbook’s goal to make some cash. This means that they can’t just give out unrestricted free bets. Often times, free bets come with a few restrictions on betting. This includes restricting access to certain kinds of betting, usually each way and multiples betting and restricting access to certain markets.

Similar Betting Offers

The bet 10 get 20 bonus offer is certainly a popular one. Similarly popular are all of the identical offers, which award a certain amount of free bets for a given amount. In this section we are taking a look at a few similar betting offers that online punters really seem to enjoy.

Bet 10 Get 30

Perhaps the most popular, as it nets the most amount of free bets, the bet 10 get 30 sign up bonus is available at quite a few of the biggest and most reputable sportsbooks on the internet. As the name suggests, in order to get your hands on an offer like this, you must place a £10 bet on the required minimum odds upon signing up. Once that is done, £30 worth of free bets will be deposited to your account, to do with as you please. Like the Bet 10 Get 20 offer, Bet 10 Get 30 offers are subject to some terms and conditions which you should familiarize yourself with before taking the bet.

Bet 5 Get 20

Another free bet offer which is quite popular in its own right, is the Bet 5 Get 20 free bets bonus. We don’t have to tell you why this offer is so popular. For only £5, new players can get £20 worth of free bets, to do with as they please; so long as they are within the boundaries of the terms and conditions which govern these apps. There are a number of fantastic casinos which offer Bet 5 Get 20 coupons and sign up deals, so do thorough research before you land on your favorite.

Bet 10 Get 10

Lastly, we come to the Bet 10 get 10 offer. While not as grand or popular as the aforementioned ones, Bet 10 Get 10 bonuses tend to do quite well in the online sports betting world. As the name suggests, when a new customer places at least £10 on the minimum odds required to trigger the bonus, they will be awarded an addition £10 worth of free bets. While many would argue that this sum is rather small, quite a few others seem to enjoy the challenge. Whether you like it or not, the Bet 10 Get 10 bonus is quite popular on various online sportsbooks.

Bet 10 Get 20 FAQs

What does bet 10 get 20 mean?

The bet 10 get 20 bonus offer is a sign up bonus awarded to new players of certain online sportsbooks. It means that a new player can bet £10 upon signing up, and the bookie will then award them £20 worth of free bets.

What is the best bet 10 get 20 offer?

Quite a few websites offer great bet 10 get 20 offers. Some of the better ones have been mentioned in this article. They include Virgin Bet, Livescore Bet, and BetTarget.

Is bet 10 get 20 offer worth it?

This is really more of a personal question that any punter needs to ask themselves. For the most part, yes it is worth it. As you will be awarded 20 free bets, increasing your chances for a win, without putting your own personal cash at risk.

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