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What is Ante-Post Betting?

Are you getting confused by the term ‘ante-post betting’ in online sports betting sites? The ante-post meaning can be phrased as betting on horse racing at odds that have been fixed before the runners have been declared.

On the other hand, ante-post betting is also known as futures betting. Now, this one probably rings a bell! Futures or ante-post betting can be identified easily because the sports betting sites will mention which markets are reserved for this.

It is impossible for anybody to predict the future, which is why ante-post betting is so popular in the gambling industry. Since bettors love unpredictability and uncertainty, they enjoy it when the outcomes are challenging.

Ante-post bets pose a lot of risks because of their unpredictable nature. That is why the odds and returns on this type of betting are usually higher than other types of bets.

Today’s article is all about ante-post horse racing betting. So, take notes and place your bets on ante-post next time you log into your betting account!

Pros and Cons of Ante-Post Betting

We are going to begin by stating the pros and cons of this special type of betting. If you go through this section first, it will be easier for you to understand ante-post betting when we talk about complex terms.



How Does Ante-Post Betting Work?

Since ante post horse racing bets are so popular, let’s talk about it. Just so you know, ante-post betting is possible even in other sports, like football, tennis, basketball, formula 1, ice hockey, and others.

As you have already gone through the pros and cons, you are aware that ante-post betting is a risky business. But if you end up winning the bet, then the potential reward is mind-blowing!

The thing is your wagered horse may become injured, sick, or die before the event occurs. When that happens, you are going to lose the entire bet, no matter how much money you invested.

Regardless, ante-post betting gives you the opportunity to test your betting skills while having some fun predicting future events! So, it is worth giving it a try!

Ante-Post Betting for Horse Racing

Ante-post bets can be placed on both horse racing and greyhound racing. Horse racing is a popular sport to make ante-post bets because, after every horse race, the media and expert bettors start discussing the next winner of the horse or greyhound racing.

Eventually, that discussion becomes the reason for ante-post betting on the next horse racing tournament! Besides, because the hype is so big about ante post horse racing, the possible number of horses that are supposed to run in the event multiplies on the day of the actual race.

It looks good here, but you can never be sure about this type of bet. If your horse doesn’t run in the upcoming race, then you lose the bet. That is why you should keep researching the condition of the horse until the day of the tournament.

Ante-Post Betting for Football

Ante-post betting on football is quite popular since the sport itself has a high demand. Some of the ante-post bets you can place on football are:

How to Place Ante-Post Bets

Now that you know what does ante-post betting mean, we will show you how you can place ante-post bets on your favourite sports betting sites.

  1. Register or log into the best sports betting site for ante-post bets.
  2. Browse through the available ante-post or futures bets.
  3. Research the markets well, even on other betting sites.
  4. Gather information about the horses and jockeys.
  5. Honestly calculate the risks and returns associated with your selection.
  6. Place the bet, but keep yourself informed about the events and horses.

Some Ante-Post Betting Rules

Here are some ante-post betting rules that you should be aware of if this is the type of sports betting you want to engage in next.

  1. Any amendment or changes regarding the ante-post betting is denied after the markets have been settled for the event.
  2. You can’t place bets on a group of horses, only on one individual horse.
  3. If the number of places presented in the race is equal to or greater than the number of participating horses, then all the bets will become void.
  4. Forecast betting, conditional bets, and place-only bets are not accepted as ante-post odds. Wrong settlement at the time of bet placement can render them void.
  5. Once it has been declared that the competition will take place, then all bets made in the ante-post markets must be completed.
  6. Any commissions earned are paid separately for ante-post markets and day-of-race markets.

The ante-post becomes void and the stake is returned to you if:

FAQs About Ante-Post Betting

What happens in ante-post football betting?

In ante-post football betting, punters from all over the world place bets on their favourite team before the season starts. Since the ante-post markets stay open throughout the season, punters can either top up or trade out their bets.

What type of odds do I get in ante-post betting?

Usually, the odds you get in ante-post markets are better than the odds you get anywhere else. This is done because the risk is higher in ante-post betting as a lot of variables can result in bet loss.

Is the Rule 4 applicable in ante-post betting?

Bets that you place on any ante-post betting markets won’t be exempt from the Rule 4 deductions even if there are non-runners.

Can I get my money back in ante-post betting?

Ante-post betting is different from starting price betting. So, your original ante-post betting may be forfeited instead of getting returned to you if your wagered horse doesn’t run in the race.

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