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What Does BTTS (Both Teams To Score) Mean in Betting?

Punters who wish to opt for simple betting methods typically place bets on the BTTS market. The acronym stands for Both Teams To Score. In essence, sports bookies allow you to bet on whether the two teams in a football match will score a goal.

both teams to score in betting

Interestingly, this football market can go both ways. You can either bet that both teams will score or that both teams will fail to score. Besides, it wouldn’t matter whether the match produces a winner or ends in a draw. You’ll stay winning as long as each team records a valid goal. 

However, BTTS is not all that simple. Like most betting markets and methods, a Both Teams to Score bet has several intricacies. Here’s a breakdown of how to place such bets and common examples you’ll experience at sports betting apps

How to place a BTTS bet on a Sportsbook

BTTS markets are a very common option in football betting. To place a bet on this market, you simply need to open a football match you want to bet on and select the “both teams to score” wager. 

Bookies mainly give two options, namely Yes and No bets. Selecting “Yes” indicates that you are betting on both teams to produce at least one goal each by the end of the match. On the flip side, a “No” bet indicates that at least one team won’t score a goal. 

Additionally, you bet BTTS markets on an accumulator bet slip. This way, you can bet on multiple matches with both teams to score or create a combination of win/draw/lose outcomes. 

Variants of BTTS Markets in Football

There are over half a dozen variations of the BTTS. While you still have to bet on whether both teams score, bookies offer you a special twist to those wagers. 

Are Extra Time Goals Counted in a BTTS Bet?

Unfortunately, extra time goals will not count in a BTTS market. Instead, only the regulation time of 90 minutes and any injury time will determine whether your BTTS bet is successful. This rule applies across all football competitions. 

When Can I bet using BTTS?

The BTTS market is always available mostly on football games. That’s because the sport is low scoring and there is a high chance that games may end without a team scoring a goal. So, it’s advisable to use BTTS when teams are evenly paired or when you predict that both teams’ style of play will most likely result in goals. 

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