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Can your bookmaker restrict your betting account?

Can betting companies ban you from their site? Gamblers keep asking this question because the way betting sites do business is a bit different from the way regular companies do. For instance,  for you to win when playing, the bookmarker has to lose. This raises a question of trust for gamblers because the casino can easily close their accounts if their wins could result in a big loss for the casino.

In the UK, the UKGC has regulations for protecting customers’ funds while gambling at UKGC licensed betting apps. For example, all your un-staked deposits remain yours even if your account was inactive for a while. However, there are some instances where casinos still restrict or outrightly ban users’ accounts. If you are wondering whether betting sites can ban you, you should note these common reasons for a casino ban.

Freebie Hunting

If your account only comes alive when there is a bonus ongoing, you are playing in a ban danger zone. Casinos often have software to detect this sort of behaviour and restrict accounts that practice it. The betting sites can’t earn if gamblers do not make deposits, so freebie hunting is bad for business. However, the UKGC has regulations protecting gamblers that have met the requirements for a bonus. If you have completed qualifying bets for a promo, your account cannot be restricted to block you from enjoying the free bets.

Targeting Weak Odds

This one does not apply to regular gamblers because it takes malicious intent to be guilty of this. Bookmarkers constantly update their odds to match changing circumstances. Some sneaky punters target these odds before they are changed to improve their bets. If the betting site’s software detects this activity being repeated on your account, it could be restricted or outrightly banned.


Gamblers who are registered to self-exclusion schemes like GamStop would have their accounts limited while the program is on. The UKGC has all gamblers’ profiles linked to the GamStop program, so once a user activates GamStop, all their accounts get temporarily restricted.

Continuous Sizeable Wins

It is normal for gamblers to have good days while betting. However, if an account continues to have these massive rare wins repeatedly, the casino could limit the account. The reason for this is that such behaviour is not normal and would eventually result in losses for the betting company.

Final Thoughts on Betting Account Bans

The UKGC protects punters from being unfairly treated by bookmarkers. We have highlighted some instances where bookies can ban you for winning and still be within their rights. Irrespective of these, there are still instances where the betting company would be wrong for restricting your account. See the UKGC website to fully understand the treatment you are entitled to as a bettor on a betting site.

For the question, “can betting sites ban you?”; the answer is yes. There are many rules on how to use your account that can cause a ban. If your account ever gets restricted, contact the customer support of the site and register a complaint.

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