Betting Apps For Android

Betting has been steadily increasing and increasing over the years, we’ve seen many improvements and advancements in the type of bets we can make and how we make those bets. One of these advancements is Android betting Apps. Mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives and something we always have on us. The development of mobile, and in particular Android betting has progressed and made significantly leaps of improvement  over the past few years, and that is for a very good reason as we become more and more reliant on mobile devices. Therefore today I invite you to explore the large array of Android betting Apps and conclude the cons, the pros, the bad and the good of bookies apps available today.

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Finding The Best Android Betting Apps

When it comes to finding the best Android betting apps it really can come down to preference and what betting markets you are looking to use.

Are you chasing sports Android betting apps? Are you chasing casino gambling Android betting apps? Now luckily, the industry has advanced tremendously and these days the top Android betting apps offer a jaw dropping amount of markets for you to pick from. I find that, for myself at least, the way I found what I liked the most is plain and simple, I tested out all these betting apps for Android phones that I heard people recommending.

Like I mentioned earlier, everyone of us will have different preferences and needs therefore I think that downloading and testing out a number of picked out Android betting apps is the best way to find the one that suits you.

Of course if you are a returning bettor you probably already have accounts made on certain betting Bookies or you may have build relationships with bookies and these days the vast majority of bookies have Android betting apps. This means that you can conveniently download your goto bookies Android betting app and login and be good to go.

Downloading Android Betting Apps

Downloading betting Apps for Android mobile devices  is not as easy as going onto the Android Play Store and snatching up all different kinds of Android betting Apps. These apps are simply not to be found on the Android Play Store however do not dread as it still is a simplistic and a fast process for most Android betting Apps. So now you may be asking ‘’How to download betting apps on android’’ or ‘’why are there no betting apps on android’’ and well I am here to tell you. Of course it depends on the app you have decided to use, however the process is similar for most of the top Android betting Apps. I will demonstrate with screenshots how to, in most scenarios get these apps onto your Android device. For my example, I will be using William Hill’s Android betting App and Betfair sportsbook app for this and while most Apps will be similar, exceptions do happen.

Step 1: First step is pretty simple however may vary from device to device but should be very similar. You have to change your security settings to allow the download of apps outside of the Android Play Store. To do this is pretty simple.

Settings > Lock screen and security > unknown Sources > Allow.

Once this is done it should be job done and you are now able to download Android betting apps!

Step 2:   Second step is simply going to the betting App’s webpage on your Android device and search where they offer the Android app. To simplify this even further just choose from our table of the best Android betting apps in the UK. Once you have accessed the download page of the Android betting App. Simply click on the ‘’Download’’ or some sort of variation of download and it should begin download the App onto your device.

Step 3: Once the app is on your device, you’ll have to go to your notification bar where it will instruct you that the download has finished. From there you simply do two clicks and it will install the App for you. Once this is done, the app should be on your device and ready to go! 

Key Android Betting App Features

This is another category where it can largely depend on yourself, ask yourself ‘’What do I want in this app’’, for many of us the answer to that will be different, however not too different.

Thankfully the market for Android betting apps right now has really advanced and is very competitive, so sport bookies fight over the best platform and introduce tons of features. Some of the key features you should lookout for and will see Bookies offering is as follows:


 Most bookies have this, essentially allows you to take out a loss or a profit from your bets, depending on how the match is going. If you are willing but not feeling confident the team will hang on, you can perhaps cashout profit and relax the nerves, useful feature

Live Streaming

This is a massive one. Certain bookies will offer live streams of certain matchups, of course depending if they have permission to share these live streams. This is super handy due to the fact that if you have a bet placed you can monitor the game extensively rather than listening to commentaries or perhaps following an action bar, really useful when you tie it together with the cash out feature.

Top Android Betting App

There are many reason why a certain Android betting app can be better than a different one, however in my opinion, a title of the best Android betting App goes to William Hill’s one. Don’t get me wrong, there are many apps that come close or you can even pose the argument that some are better and I mean, the competition is so massive that this will be very opinionated, however I stick by my choice. The William Hill betting App is simply fantastic. The App is very easy to navigate for new users and offers a very large amount of betting markets to suit all your needs, accompanied by their great odds. The App, of course depending on your device, but for me personally the App runs very smooth and without any freezes or lag. William Hill offers match live streams as well as an live pitch map to help you keep up with the action which is essential these days, and of course this is paired together with the ability to cash out. There is not much that the app does wrong, if anything and is definitely my go to these days due to the factors listed above. I would definitely recommend you, new or experienced punters to give this bookie’s app a shot and judge for yourself.

Bottom Line

To summarize this piece, it is a great time to be a fanatic of Android mobile betting. The market has expanded and developed significantly in the past recent years and is continuing to develop as Bookies fight to have the number one betting App.

There is little to no difference in most scenarios between being inside a Bookie building and placing bets on your Android device which grants us punters the ease and comfort when betting, something of such high value.

If you have never experienced Android mobile betting apps I would definitely recommend testing them out. Overall, it has never been as easy to make bets from your couch as now.